Married-Sexual Skillset

Female Perspective Intro

By:  Jessica



When I went to sit down to write this track, I contemplated how best to tell men how to enhance their sexual skills.  I got to thinking that my particular experiences and what works for me may or may not be what works for the woman in your life.  Just because I find it sexy that my man and I play with notions of control, surrender and edgy play doesn’t mean that’s everyone’s kink.  What I do think I am positioned (pun intended) to offer are some ideas to contemplate and perspectives to consider to enhance your sexual connection with one another.


More than just a series of Kama Sutra drawings where you’re perplexed as to how the man managed to put his legs there, while his cock was over there…

We don’t want you feeling more puzzled and conscientious than when you began.  Quite the contrary, we believe that though those are fun tricks to know, that you’re not going to even have the chance to practice them if you don’t first acknowledge where you’re starting from and go from there.


It’s a damn shame that with all of the advancements we’ve made in the areas of liberties and freedoms that it isn’t quite mainstream to enroll in a sex education course as an adult.  A far cry from explanations of what the vas deferens and the urethra do, the point would be to offer valuable insight into how to transcend through sexual and bodily hang ups, how to touch one another, how to openly explore each other’s bodies in pleasurable ways and how to create the kind of safety necessary to reach new levels of connectivity through sexual and erotic ecstasy.


It’s no wonder that singles are scared and confused and committed couples wind up bored and dissatisfied.   I hope that the articles in this first track on this subject offer you some perspectives and food for thought that can get some momentum going in a positive direction.  We will build upon the lessons and ideas here, but we cannot emphasize the importance of building safety first.  This essential component cannot be rushed and depending on the state of your sexual relationship, may take a while to establish.


Like many other aspects of this site and the perspectives and skills we offer, this is an important one to openly discuss with your wife.  If this is a touchy or somewhat dormant subject for the two of you, sudden interest and attention may perk up her antennas and signal danger if you don’t preemptively have some dialogue about wanting to explore this front.  I applaud you for your openness in wanting to enhance this area of your partnership, for it inevitably involves looking at your part and what you are responsible for.  I hope that you find this empowering; as always we are here to support you along the way.