Primitive Brain


By: Jessica



Primitive Brain is referenced over and over in this site and this course is designed to help you to understand the core of what we are talking about.  You see primitive drive is one of the areas that most men completely ignore and the funny part is that if you understand how to manage this not only for yourself, but for the women you desire; attracting women is not complicated at all and even further having an amazing physical connection all starts from understanding what we are talking about regardless of how long you are in the relationship.  Add to that having a good understanding of the areas of these innate drives and reactions will help you to understand women from a completely different perspective and help you to release those raw drives she is suppressing.  What kind of an experience do you think she’ll have when she feels safe enough to give into those raw urges while she is with you and when she is thinking about you?


Understanding what is going on even at a surface level will help you to create sexual tension from the moment you meet; it will also help you to embrace and enjoy your own urges and to experience the women you are passionate about at a whole new level.


Okay, so what are we talking about?  You see there are really four areas you are dealing with when attracting a woman: social belief or social conditioning, her self value and belief of value, bio chemical response, and her innate drives we call primitive brain.  Most guys only focus on the first of these listed which is social belief.  This is where all of the looks, body, and money stuff comes from and is mostly driven by the media and learned behavior.  So that you understand, the second listed is about her self esteem and is primarily driven by her role models and self perception.  The third has to do with the brain chemical releases that naturally occur for us when stimulated by both positive and negative actions and interpretations at this point.  Primitive Brain however is driven by survival instincts and propagation of the species; neither of which can be influenced by the media, current fashion, or Hollywood trends, and has very little to do with learned behavior (except the areas of fear) and nothing to do with social conditioning.


Alright let’s start with a base understanding.  We will explain in depth what is going on with these base understandings and how they are influencing your success as well as how to use what most people have no idea is even influencing them to your advantage.  To truly understand what were are teaching you must accept the following as fact:


First point that you must accept is that biologically we are simply animals and with that we are driven to survive and propagate as such.


Second, you must accept that there are brain chemical responses causing the physical sensations both male and female experience whether that is attraction, sexual tension, or any other variation of connection or repulsion


Third, you must accept that evolution has a huge influence on how men and women socially interact.  That though we are the same species we share very few elements as far as physical makeup and brain chemistry.


Fourth, the primitive brain is unaware of the present date and still functioning instinctually; which is defined as follows: an inborn pattern of behavior characteristic of a species and shaped by biological necessities such as survival and reproduction. That being said most men are attempting to force modern thought process and expectations on hundreds of thousands of years of survival instincts instead of allowing those instincts to assist him.


Fifth, this is not an argument or any form of an attempt to prove evolution over creation or anything of that nature.  We are hoping that for the sake of understanding how our genetic makeup, biological chemical reactions, and innate behaviors are affecting your dating life, relationships, and how women are reacting to you based on your behaviors and ability to stimulate primitive drives both in your favor and to your detriment.


Alright, now that you have the general areas of focus, it is important for you to understand that all of these factors are in play in every interaction you have with women.  Most women are not aware of this elements and don’t think of them consciously, but you have certainly heard of woman’s intuition and are likely aware of how much they depend on their feelings about most topics.  We will share series of examples and real world applications of Primitive Brain at work from the way it shows up consciously, physically, chemically, and ultimately how that all affects her reaction to you.


Once you have a firm understanding of the science, we will help you in the social application and understanding and most importantly how to use it to your advantage instead of your detriment.  That being said, our team debated as to how we would present this information to you and we decided against quoting studies and social/evolutionary scientists.  We are going to write this from the perspective of assuming that you accept that we have done our homework and can back up our arguments if the need arose.  As we state how to use this information we will give you real world examples and allow you to learn through social proof by experiencing our information either first hand or by recalling what you have seen in the past or currently around you.


Primitive Brain is a powerful driver and your understanding of it as it applies to social interactions is going to completely change the way you perceive and interact with women and of course how they interact with you.  You will also begin to form a new understanding yourself and with that comes more and more confidence!