Predicting Bachelorette Emily’s Likely Choice

…based on the First Date(s).

by Christian Hellmers and Team

NOTE from The First 10 Minutes Team…

First of all let me say that it’s tough to approach a woman under any circumstance, let alone on national tv in front of the world after already knowing something about your date. We’re here to provide observations to enhance awareness for all men to elevate them to appreciate connecting deeper with a woman. We define masculinity similar to David Deida, in that it is the observer, the watcher, the unwavering consciousness that holds the space for the light and love of the feminine. It isn’t simply strength, but more like the banks of a river holding its flow. Our observations come from the heart and mind, not to poke fun but rather to draw awareness for the best way to connect.


Top 6 Probabilities/Standings (after week 3)

1) Arie  25% chance

2) Ryan 20% chance

3) Sean 20% chance

4) Jef 15% chance

5) Doug 10% chance

6) Chris 10% chance


Points on week 3…

My oh my how a man is only as good as the moment.

Sean moved way up the ranks, as did Arie.

Arie saw that she needed some help during her struggles to eliminate men and earned several kisses.  Very smooth.  The reason he got them is because he was one of the only men tuning fully into her during the moment.

Ryan’s stock plummeted with his comments on weight in front of the other women.  HUGE blunder showing his future critical ways.  That coupled with his remarks shows he’s the jealous type.  That will be tough for her considering her desire to be somewhat independent as she steps more into her femininity.

Jef shared with Emily’s friends that he has experience dating women with kids.  That alone is worth gold to her safety.  He now is a legitimate contender but he still hasn’t opened up enough.



Points from week 2…

We’ll be shocked if Emily doesn’t chose Ryan at the end, but the producers of the show might only show us this chemistry to mislead us. Keep in mind they didn’t show us any footage of him talking about his ex yet Emily referenced it. Ryan exudes many of the great qualities of an Evolved Man: confidence, empathy, situational awareness, social savvy, consideration, maturity, respect, humility, responsibility, gratitude. He is the pick of the liter but is Emily ready for serious love? She says she is but we’ll find out later on. Odds are she is because the nation is watching and that will help her come from her best self. Brad W. from last season was not a great match based on his reserved nature and inability to open up. But you can tell she is desperately seeking masculine energy as she is tired of playing that role. Ryan can open up about anything as evidenced by his fearlessness to state he desires a chase. He might be the best match for her but her wounding might run so deep that she ends up pushing him away due to self-sabotage issues. It’s her man to lose at this point. He’s making her chase him which is pure genius because it’s a great man’s truth to be wanted in addition to serving a lady.

Arie played it cool and made Emily feel nervous. That’s butterflies flapping their wings. He’s sitting pretty in 2nd place and might overtake Ryan on the final turn since he’s saving some for later. Emotional connections take time and the more gradual the momentum, the better. Ryan will be tough to catch but emotions are complex and emotional safety is not as obvious as it appears. Emily is not going through this to lose again and she will test the men in all sorts of ways as we approach the final turns.

Chris showed more masculinity to some degree by graciously accepting Emily’s compliments on his looks. I moved him up into the top group based on his short and sweet exchange. I still feel like he hasn’t challenged her enough yet to show that a true spark is present. He’s playing it too safe which will cost him in the end unless he starts taking risks to show that he’s not attached to her without understanding her emotionally. Emotional connections do take some time for both men and women to feel safe. Something about his energy comes across needy.

Jef still hasn’t taken charge yet to show her that he’s man enough. By coaching him to do more, Emily is playing her masculine role which isn’t her truest desired essence. “Does Jef speak English?” She shares this outloud to put pressure on him to step up. How embarrassing right? The fact that he’s drinking while talking to her is another tell that he’s needs alcohol for confidence. He has a hard time noticing her eye contact directed at him. She’s almost considering him as a brother. Jef showed little affectionate after her advice and remains in the friendzone.

Joe totally dropped the ball showcasing his lack of awareness by wearing a disastrous outfit. He’s gotta be aware that his enthusiasm will come across as collegiate. Keeping a balance is key if he actually chooses to connect with her heart. Otherwise, his lack of maturity will connect best with women in their early 20’s. Joe is so starstruck by her looks that he isn’t connecting on anything but his gratitude. Notice how she almost puts her hand on her neck to choke herself when asking about not knowing him. His choice to share that his plan is to “not plan” shows that he’s not ready for fatherhood. He didn’t respond well to knowing his mission in 5 years nor did he connect on having kids soon which is what she’s seeking. Therefore, he underestimates the gravity of these questions. He’s taking it too casually. He doesn’t even try to explain how his life fits with hers after she shares her concerns. The fact that he’s shocked is another demonstration of his lack of social awareness. He didn’t do anything wrong as she says but he’s not ready for this level of responsibility. It’s also interesting to see that he avoids hugging her when she’s upset upon the sad news. That shows he’s selfish when hurt, which is understandable, but not evolved.

Kalon is showing advanced symptoms of being a big kid. Challenging men who don’t like him already is begging for an altercation. At some point or another she will see this child play and dismiss him. The fact that his voice was trembling during one of his times with her shows that he’s clearly nervous about something. Women can smell a phony a mile away and Emily is going to sniff him out soon. Notice also how Emily adjusts her dress while speaking to him which can be a sign of seeking comfort because she’s uncomfortable. Kalon failed again to take her out of her masculine and into a new state of femininity. That means he’s still an outsider despite being the rich good looking young man who she could have dated had she not had a daughter. Kalon also states that he doesn’t normally date women his age which is another flag for her to raise later.

Tony is too serious and wound up. He comes across far too angry. The whole one on one chat with Emily was more of hearing than a loving chat. Tony kinda spoke over her words at times and made the talk about him and sharing his fatherhood. I think that was important but the delivery won’t earn him many style points from radiant women.

Points from the first week…

* Ryan is a clear standout and fits well based on masculine presence, profession (working with children), creativity, social awareness, and confidence. The only thing that could disqualify him is any anger management issues. It’s clear that some men hide this well and she has already expressed her concerns about anger from the past season. It appears that this is not an issue but I cannot deny my intuition for revealing it’s a possibility.

* Arie has a unique connection because he comes from the same sport as her daughter’s father, but that might be harder on her than she thinks. Nevertheless, he has a calm presence, owns his body language above par, and appears sensitive to meet her emotional needs.

* Charlie has a great physical visual masculine presence. He hasn’t shown that he can relate to her as a man’s man yet. Keep in mind Emily’s subconscious will be comparing all of the men as lovers, fathers, and friends. Since she has done parenting on her own for so long, the role of her partner as a father figure will be vital.

* Chris appears to be someone who will go far, BUT I don’t see him as a great fit for her because he’s not masculine enough. Chris or Doug could even go all the way to the end, get crushed, and become the next Bachelor. Kalon could go far as well but he won’t be trusted in the end to be her daughter’s father due to immaturity.

* Sean comes across as a kind sensitive man who is ultra sincere. I don’t know enough about him to be able to size him up fully but he appears capable of being a father and a man from first interactions.

* Nate is a wild card as we don’t know much other than he’s calm and cool.

* Alessandro is also a foreign gentleman which may win her over if he can embody a fatherly role. He faded away this week and did not step up his masculine role.


Masculine Scoring on Initial 30 Second Approach




Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* Well dressed, nice color choice

* Seems too into her looks alone

* Had a good strategy of making it short and sweet; no mistakes

Masculine Approach Score


TIP- Be bold about something specifically beautiful inside her. This shows you are paying full attention.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* well dressed, nice outfit

* grabs her hands to show he can take charge, good but he kinda overdid it

* hugged her like his grandmother and had eyes like deer in headlights which is scary

* looked a bit shellshocked, not really smiling, great eye contact upon leaving

* talked about his boy a bit too much, came across as desperate, but it was a safe topic to connect on at first

* more logical in forming his connection, less emotional which is critical to her feeling safe

* notice that she shook her head from side to side when she said “I’m so glad you’re here”

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Breath deep before approaching and pretend that you are in a time warp where life is happening much slower than it appears. This helps you breathe more getting more oxygen to the brain to reduce heart rate and anxiety.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance
* feminine color choice for shirts reduces his masculinity

* already skinny, he must recognize that his masculinity will be challenged

* he missed her hand upon first connecting

* too focused on his routine, overly rehearsed, not adapting to her

* kissed her hand immediately putting her on a pedestal and him beneath her

* great eye contact on walk

* compliments on her looks, too ordinary

* He states “Thank you so much” as if he doesn’t deserve to be there (he’s too taken back by her looks)

Masculine Approach Score
Tip: Dress with darker colors if you know she will be looking gorgeous to avoid accidentally stealing attention. Attention is best directed on the feminine person to create balance.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* youthful shirt, colors of high vibration, slightly feminine

* walks slow and side to side which is original and pleasant, stands out

* immediately smiles but too happy like a kid in a candy store

* hugs her fast but then almost treats her like a mother

* great eye contact all the way through

* “Emily, I’m Sean” was one of the best simple openers. Short and real. No BS.

* Voice cracked slightly at one point but smiling made him appear friendly and cool

* Slow hug and slow speech make him easy to feel safe with

* He played it safe and smart going first and showing he doesn’t need to impress

* Notice the high pitch in her voice and look back at his backside (she’s attracted)

* During his line “I’d like to get to know you a bit” his eye contact is authentic and real

* Emily also almost checks her teeth if she has lipstick on them to triple check she’s presentable; signifies interest

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Focus your intention laser-like to her needs. In this case, take this approach as if you are her hubby and the father of her child. Don’t take any woman’s needs lightly and over-practice if anything.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* smart clever entrance all the way through

* it created an easy way to talk without the pressure of “what do i say first”

* smiling throughout, very unique hairstyle that will factor into her initial attraction

* she dug the way he smelled which is a great sign and allowed her to ignore the usual distractions (tapping into a different scent leaves a huge mark)

* slow walk which is original

* Jef ignores her remark about wanting to ride the skateboard and quickly jumps to a point about not falling to show he’s not cocky…very smooth to not be at her beck and call, just yet 😉

* notice how Jef is also so tuned in that he actually responds to her appreciation with a “your welcome”, many of the men struggle to hold an actual conversation

* he ends it by saying thanks twice which is a bit awkward because he appears rushed to leave, but it doesn’t disrupt his masculinity too much

* Emily tells him he looks great because he hasn’t gone crazy into his feminine, allowing her to be in her feminine flow of radiating love

* Later in the show (after the first 30 seconds), she says “He makes me feel like a nerd.” That signified Jef is not husband material if you ask us!

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Be aware of how you will be perceived. We are a product of the media’s repetitive images. If you could be considered goofy, balance it out by being serious at times. Always show diversity in yourself which illustrates awareness.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* conservatively dressed and buttons up after getting out to show that she’s important

* a bit slow to approach her and pulls back before hugging, shows he’s not desperate

* doesn’t have much to say, keeps it simple, 2 compliments were quick and more spontaneous than others

* comes across as genuine and sincere

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Be sure to initiate physical contact in appropriate places, early on. Show her that you want her by risking rejection.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* walks slow, strong masculine presence with his body

* decent opener “You don’t expect me to do that.” shows that he’s tuned into the moment, not rehearsed.

* she grabs his hand and initiates the hug since he doesn’t appear needy or overly giddy

* she clearly wants more

* “Yes mam” is a bit awkward but shows he will treat her like a lady so it works well too

* Relates to her about not slipping and falling as a way to go into a safe zone before going deeper which is okay, kinda feminine

* Played it safe and didn’t make any mistakes but also didn’t differentiate himself much other than non-verbally

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Be polite but not too polite. If you come across as a butler or servant, you will be considered overly feminine by nature. Serve the feminine but don’t worship, at first.


Summary of First Date Performance

* Dressed casually and showed off his physique which was smart as he stands out with it

* Showed vulnerability early about his speech impediment if faced with performing. It can work against him to go that vulnerable that early, or it can serve him well as long as he shows he is emotionally able to hold space for her wide away of emotions. She described herself as the “Proud Momma” which jives well for him to stack up as a father figure for her daughter, but this role might not allow her to be a full feminine being because he might be too shy. From here on out, his biggest challenge will be to create a counter balance to be masculine and the take charge type.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* well dressed in masculine colors

* voice was a bit muffled

* hesitates to hug which shows lack of emotional IQ or availability

* strange eye movements

* somewhat safer to say that he doesn’t know much about her, but it could also show he doesn’t do his homework

* poor choice of words “I look forward to talking with you” and no eye contact make it seem business-like

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Focus your eyes on her left eye. By choosing one eye it will keep you focused on her and not your words.






Summary of First Date Performance

Joe totally dropped the ball showcasing his lack of awareness by wearing a disastrous outfit. He’s gotta be aware that his enthusiasm will come across as collegiate. Keeping a balance is key if he actually chooses to connect with her heart. Otherwise, his lack of maturity will connect best with women in their early 20’s. Joe is so starstruck by her looks that he isn’t connecting on anything but his gratitude. Notice how she almost puts her hand on her neck to choke herself when asking about not knowing him. His choice to share that his plan is to “not plan” shows that he’s not ready for fatherhood. He didn’t respond well to knowing his mission in 5 years nor did he connect on having kids soon which is what she’s seeking. Therefore, he underestimates the gravity of these questions. He’s taking it too casually. He doesn’t even try to explain how his life fits with hers after she shares her concerns. The fact that he’s shocked is another demonstration of his lack of social awareness. He didn’t do anything wrong as she says but he’s not ready for this level of responsibility. It’s also interesting to see that he avoids hugging her when she’s upset upon the sad news. That shows he’s selfish when hurt, which is understandable, but not evolved.

Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* super loud and opens by clapping which is awkward especially considering her usual calm demeanor (no NLP awareness)

* original guy which makes him stand out

* has a jester-like presence to him, walks like he’s doing aerobics, slightly immature in this context, borderline obnoxious

* “Alright”, “What do you say…excited” were both unusual phrases that indicate he’s confused about how to relate on a deep emotional level

* comes across as if he’s still in college or in a fraternity, but he’s spontaneous which is ultra attractive

* great spirit, but his big kid persona will be tough to translate into a mature responsible father figure for Emily’s daughter

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Be original but know your audience. Tune in to their sense of humor and their perspective. Ask a friend or trusted person for feedback if you get awkward looks. It’s all about context.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* one of the best dressed, with gray and black masculine colors

* shared with Emily his nickname of the “Wolf” which hurts his fatherhood potential, no reason to tell her that at that point

* overly excited and interrupts her a bit

* he’ll ride his looks as long as they can take him, but perhaps he’s got more depth in a different context

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Watch your words. Be careful of what you say or share with women vs. with the fellas. Women pay close attention and use their intuition more than men.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* well dressed and comes across highly masculine

* kinda intense but sweet with his opener, albeit over the top as if he worships her without knowing her

* great tone of voice and speaks at a medium pace which is ultra attractive

* he declares that she’s everything he wants which is a no-no, immediately putting him beneath her before discovering their connection in reality

* Emily never got a chance to share much with him because he talked way too much, as if he’s already decided she’s his

* interrupted her to tell her how she is good for him coming across as too logical, not enough emotion or sharing

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Listen. Listen. Listen. Don’t think about what you want to say next. Play off the interaction and allow her to ask questions. Women care more about process than destination with words.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* over the top with his entrance creates a huge separation from her emotionally; it was more about him than her

* she doesn’t hug him, he also chooses to shake hands to keep his distance, indicating emotional unavailability

* Emily has her hands on her hips as if she’s scolding him for being so ridiculous with his entrance

* His eye contact and word choice of “I promise it’s worth the wait” triggers he to swing her shoulders which shows she’s forgiven him

* Great use of eye contact and tonality to create serious intense energy

* well dressed but overly showcasing his thin body inhibits his masculinity

* worst hugger and shows no connection beneath the upper chest signifying emotional challenges to get close

* comes across as a player type which will earn him her attention as all girls love bad boys until they get hurt enough

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Be yourself as if it were a Sunday morning. Don’t over extend yourself to impress. Humility is the most attractive force on earth.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* outfit a bit feminine

* stiff armed hug shows less comfort in his body

* she reaches for his hands which is a plus

* she enjoys his smell which is a plus

* he’s aloof and keeps her wanting more which is masculine (not needing anything)

* she utters “He’s so cute” under her breath since so she’s attracted

* nothing fancy, but nothing needed since she was infatuated with him

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Relax your body when connecting. The more fluid you present yourself, the more attractive. By moving slow with your hands and arms, it maximizes safety.






Summary of First Date Performance

* Well dressed in masculine dark colors and validated by Emily’s body language and compliments upon first look

* Emily played with her hair in the car showing she’s subconsciously attracted

* Smart dialogue owning his masculinity “Let me take this off so I can be a man.” Owning his manhood means sharing his feminine side for only so long before acknowledging his truth. By showing he can step into his feminine side, cooking or wearing an apron, he’s demonstrating fearlessness not cowardice. That’s vital to a woman if she is going to step outside her comfort zone and trust a man with her wounded heart.

* The date flowed well with no visible awkward moments. When she begin interviewing him with hard questions, he liked the challenge. He even raised the stakes of the game by stating his truest masculine need: freedom. By asking her to make him chase her, she backed up a bit but after a few minutes trusted him that this is healthy. There 30 second back and forth rapid flowing conversation that ended with her stating “I’ll give you a chase” is exactly what great relationships are made of! Playfulness and challenge allow both the masculine and feminine to be expressed. Notice how she softly challenged him in the house stating “You wanna run for the hills” and he didn’t even flinch. Women constantly attempt to disqualify men for good reason, to protect their hearts and offspring. His instant natural reaction was flawless to show that he’s really into her and not afraid of being her daughter’s father. He even challenged her on relinquishing control so that they could share responsibility if they were to make it. That is another ultra mature conversation that is best had early on to show her that he means business. She despesperately wants to know this so why make her wait to hear these words. After this date, I expect her to go much deeper into her feminine around him because she’ll feel safe to express her long lost girly side that has been locked up since taking on motherhood.

* “You’re the boss man” is the first thing she says to him before they drive out on the date. Ultra compatible with his overwhelming masculine presence. That is exactly what he wants and that fact that he doesn’t have to ask heightens his attraction.

* I like that he doesn’t go in for the kiss on the date. He made huge strides and there’s no need to get physical at this point. An Evolved Man knows when he’s ahead. Ryan knows she likes him and in order to meet her needs of being extra romantic, he must wait for a more intimate setting. By not rushing the physical, he demonstrates that he’s an Evolved patient man who seeks more than just romance. By listening to her motherhood whispers and realizing that her conservative reputation is on the line, he’s extra cool. He knows that everything that happens on air will be a story so that awareness and caution isn’t accidental. He knows.

* By not stealing the limelight away from her on the stage during the concert, he allows her to feel special. Surely he could exude more confidence by dancing by himself, but he knows that she’s on the shy side and that all of her fans are watching. There is no reason to do anything other than let her be in her moment. Brilliant display of mindfulness and masculinity.

* Emily states “He’s almost too perfect” after the date. She already compares him to Brad which isn’t completely fair. She’s trying to sabotage it. She knows he’s best but must question it. I believe it is very healthy for women to do this alone without the influence of other women who might want subconsciously want her to fail to join them in their single misery. So kudos to her for being skeptical even though she has no reason to doubt him yet. She knows she will have to be vulnerable at some point and she’s laying the groundwork for it. And the fact that she has been so stuck in her masculine, doesn’t help. She doesn’t know how to allow herself to feel sadness because as a single mom, it’s there’s no time in her mind. I’m not suggesting she needs to feel sadness on this date but she will must open her heart fully to every emotion if she’s going to serve Ryan’s masculine needs. She’s had to be serious for too long and sadness will likely only make her reflect on her past.

* Note Ryan better be careful of coming across as too cocky from here on out. He’s got way too much control of the relationship in my eyes so if he gets overconfident on dates or smug, he’ll turn her off in a heartbeat since she’s going to visualize that as his style of leadership in relationship. He’s the favorite and he probably knows this being a confident Evolved man. All he should do is focus on her and not get sucked into the manly competition.

* Ryan’s timing with the letter showed a bit of selfishness but that’s okay. It wasn’t the best move to share so much so fast, but it’s okay for him to be vulnerable because he doesn’t come across as that type. The fact that he stated he wanted a chase and then balanced it out with a 7 page heartfelt note, shows he’s addressing all of her concerns. As awkward as it was for her and him, women typically adore this type of attention and dedication. Now he has to counter balance it the other way to show that he’s not obsessed. Women also enjoy a chase.

* Clever move to undo the top button on his dress shirt during a more emotional moment to balance it out. Smart.

TIP: Avoid talking about ex’s ever! Even if they ask, tread lightly. It’s too much information early on and can create distractions for either men or women! Just save it for later. There’s plenty of time to talk about those private challenges that might surface again or trigger worry of not being good enough for the other.


Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* Great balance of masculine and feminine energy

* Speaks slow and deep which is highly masculine

* Gives her a simple yet creative sign while pretending to be confused, simply awesome!

* Shows that he can be sweet and she tilts her head receiving his gift

* She ends the exchange by asking him to hold up the sign which is another indication of appreciation

* Conversation and banter is real and comfortable, nothing awkward about it which shows his security

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Be inquisitive. Challenge her softly at first, gently and playfully to create invisible tension. Women love to ride the roller-coaster of emotions, especially at first.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* great eye contact out of limo

* masculine colors, well dressed

* long hair will likely trigger her to perceive him as sensitive which can help earn trust

* bringing her a gift is a great idea, the guitar pic is ordinary yet clever, not overly emotional which is good

* the name “Music Mike” is a bit childish and partially feminine which hurts his chances, it also implies she might forget his name which shows lack of confidence

* she’s grateful for his gift but might just put him in the friend zone as a “nice guy” slash younger brother

* he doesn’t make eye contact on the last hug so he was either nervous or shy, both hurt his chances

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: End your exchanges with passionate looks or touch. Encourage her to visualize the depth of your intensity.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* poppy green shirt is a bit awkward and evokes less emotion, more playfulness, more youthfulness

* dancing routine puts him in his feminine as he lacks masculinity as his core way of being

* she will be intimidated since she doesn’t know how to dance, thus he must teach her which can be a good thing, but not about feminine expressions such as dance

* comes across more as an entertainer than a lover; he’s got a big mountain to climb to prove that he’s a man’s man to be a father and to make her feel safe as a professional entertainer

* dancing was goofy and silly which broke the ice well, but better to play this card after you have shown her your masculine side first

* no hugging upon his departure speaks volumes about his emotional immaturity and her lack of desire

* compliments her as he walks away, but it was too late to realize he wasn’t opening his full attention on her, rather turning it on himself as a way to get through the moment

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Leave her wanting more by not showing all your cards at once. Be selective about when you reveal what. Recognize context and when to showcase your appropriate skills.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* grandma suit was clever yet incompatible with her conservative style, she’s looking for Clooney, Connery, or Bond, not Ace Ventura

* awesome outfit, great vest, masculine presence

* slightly nervous delivery after the costume came off, forgets to introduce himself which is “cute” but lacked masculinity

* genuine man but needed to show he had more seriousness as she’s evaluating him based on fatherhood ready skills

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Be bold but also recognize the context. Safety and social awareness must come before bold moves.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* feminine colored shirt

* handshake before hug shows he’s a bit uncertain about his emotional availability

* you can tell he’s nervous, not surprising considering his choice of how to express his thoughts on connecting via carrying an egg to show his focus

* voice is high and quivering

* “I will take care of this egg like I will take care of you and Rickie” comment shows he’s far removed from social awareness and fatherhood (flour babies were carried in 7th grade)

* “Yeahhhh” in a high voice exposed too much femininity and will repel most women unless you make fun of yourself immediately after

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Listen to yourself on tape. Notice how loud or deep your voice sounds. Practice talking freely in high pressure situations to work out the kinks and to build endurance. Everyone gets nervous at some point.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* light purple shirt is highly feminine

* carrying a slipper is highly overdramatic, awkward, and silly

* getting down on one knee without even interacting much is worship, not love

* had he chosen to joke about it, the concept might have worked but he actually believed he was a prince!

* turned the focus too much on himself rather than her

* Emily’s remarks about loving love and shoes puts him in the category of a gay friend or shoe salesmen

* she forgot his name indicating less interest in romance

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Be sure not to come across as a groupie. If you appear to be worshiping someone, they will doubt that you see the real them past their looks.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* smart dresser

* went in for handshake and not hug, more business-like until she insisted

* quite reserved

* came across as more of her father since he offered to advise her on how to remember his name with a nametag, how awkward?

* conversation was ordinary, seemed more like a brother or father, no sexual tension

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Don’t go in for a handshake if you are seeking to be romantic with someone. It’s too ordinary and highly impersonal. Hug and hug often so that it’s natural for you.







Summary of First Date Performance

* Emily seems very comfortable around him but it’s fascinating to see how everything shifted 180 degrees when she found out his age.  This is a classic example of how women seek to disqualify men, sometimes for good reason.  Clearly he is green all the way around.  But his sincerity and integrity might take him far.

* His polite manner and comforting ways during the climb were outstanding.  He didn’t show off in any way.

* He hasn’t made a strong enough move yet to show that he’s a man versus a young man.  Being the polite gentleman all the way through, without taking any risks, will get you the bronze.

Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* immediately goes into spiritual connection which is intense but truthful which can be good for con

* showed that he’s serious about life and that he’s there for a serious connection, but seems needy saying “I pray to God that you do [give me a chance]”

* comes across as if he needs help in being more masculine, asking his Dad about how to approach, kinda corny

* lacks social savvy to be able to free flow and to dance in the conversation

* added lots of pressure, too much talking without giving her a chance to share

* sweet guy but too socially awkward for her to take him seriously

* the dolls could have backfired completely, but he pulled it off, but for how long…

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Use your imagination but focus on creating art, rather than an outcome upon early stage interactions. Women smell desperation a mile away. If you dip into the beauty of the moment without being attached to an outcome, there’s less flow.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* nice outfit

* walked way too fast exuding nervous energy

* word choice was uncomfortable about challenging on “Who chose Charlotte?” when he knows who did

* made her back up which can create tension which is good but she’s too conservative to appreciate California play-hard-to-get games

* recovered soso by stating “I’m glad you are the Bachelorette” but he is referring to her as the Bachelorette and not a real person, losing out on emotional chemistry

* didn’t show any emotional attempts to connect which puts him in the ordinary camp

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Walk slow. Slow everything down. By slowing it all down, you get more into the true moment. Your routine will shift by slowing down time and your senses will become heightened.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* timed the hug perfectly

* snappy dresser with messy hair is catchy and stands out

* kissing on the cheek is bold and masculine, 3 times was slightly much for a conservative woman, but he showed he wasn’t creepy

* great smiler and introduced to her a new language which shows he has value, awesome move

* positive vibes shows that he would be fun, but is he daddy material? hard to tell yet

* talked over her once and interrupted the flow but was sincere about it

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Observe the way your potential partner reacts to your touch. It might be jerky at first. Be selective about frequency and location. Always proceed with caution and build momentum.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* masculine colors with a touch of feminine with earrings

* led with his accent which was smart and offered value about his culture

* showed experienced as he hugged her well after grabbing her hand

* switched to perfect English to show diversity and education

* comes across as a bit slick which might be too much for her conservative nature

* great eye contact and looks intense with deep emotional interest

* supported her with a smile after her broken Spanish attempt, instead of correcting her

* seems non-judgy and lots of fun for a night out, but perhaps too much fun for fatherhood

* great eye contact upon departure and she even makes a Yummmm-like sound

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Offer valuable knowledge. The more you can share based on your truth, the more reason for you to be together in her eyes.






Summary of First 30 Seconds Performance

* kissing her hand is a bit much but his execution was solid

* smooth walk

* very serious which shows he can play the role of father

* might be too socially awkward for her friends; his rehearsed line is cheesy

* glasses were too intense and he was smart to take them off

* not smiling enough to make her feel truly connected

Masculine Approach Score


Tip: Rehearsed lines don’t work unless they come across as spontaneous. Be sure you realize that relevant spontaneity demonstrates social awareness which demonstrates that you can help her preserve relationships. Women are all about preserving relationships, thus you become an asset.


Great job gentlemen for taking the risk to be on the show and to put yourself out there in the name of love!