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Predicting Bachelorette Desiree’s Perfect Match: Week 1

By Christian Hellmers and The First 10 Minutes Team



Perhaps hopeful bachelor Zak W described this weeks episode best by saying, “You can have thoughts, and we can look back and say ‘wow.’”  Well, we agree to–err–something like that, Zak.  Wow! indeed… Week 2 brought Dez’s first date with Brooks and she thought it would be fun to dress up and pretend like they were getting married.  They topped it off with some wedding cupcakes from a cupcake truck with a bunch of strangers that quite clearly just spontaneously appeared out of nowhere.  Perhaps an even more “wow” moment was Desiree’s group date where she and her hunky men filmed a rap video with Soulja Boy (where did they get this idea from?! …wow?!).  This resulted in some spontaneous moments that perhaps should never be repeated, but anything for TV, right?!  Then Dez finished it off with a 1-on-1 date with Bryden which also left us saying “wow!” or better yet, “Wow, I don’t think anything unique happened on this date!”  In the end Dez said goodbye to 3 fellas: Will R, Bobby, and Nick M, and inside all of this chaos each guy that is left is strategically playing his game.  Here’s how we think they’re doing…


It very well may be too early to tell, but here is how we see the odds for the bachelor to win Dez’s heart…

Bacehlorette standings wk2


Our thoughts on individual approach and interaction:


* Dark, solid colored shirt brings out his masculinity.
* Playful exchange with the fellas shows he’s secure and comfortable in the spontaneity of the moment.
* Very kind gesture to open the door for her and to let her drive since she desired to be the driver.
* Great, goofy, silly times in the bridal shop (how freakin awesome was it that he wore the Leprechaun suit to kick it off to show his sense of humor!)
* Dez’s sharp responses and frequent smiles/laughs show she’s in bliss.
bachelorette-desiree-hartsock-first-date-spoiler-3* Picking her up and dropping her softly in the driver’s seat was another sensational spur-of-the-moment move.
* Offering his jacket to Dez before she asked was a first class move to enhance the fairy tale even further!
* He doesn’t make tons of eye contact which means he’s still a bit uncertain about his deep confidence for putting himself entirely out there, but it’s their first date so by not taking love too seriously, he’s positioning himself as someone who isn’t desperate but who is open.
* Notice also his word choice where he shares about his past 1 1/2 year relationship that “love can bring you to tears…you can barely breathe” indicating he gets what love is from a compassionate level.
* By declaring that he’s open to take the chance “again and again” he’s in the right place relative to her mentality, evidenced by her nodding and ultra quick reiteration of his remarks.
* Going for the kiss was so easy and natural that the afternoon really couldn’t have gone much better.
* Had he not kissed her it would have been awkward because it would have created unnecessary tension and put her in a state of “why didn’t he kiss me- does he not like me or is he a wimp?”
* Since the kiss was out of the way, that allowed for both of them to relax into each other even more, to the point where Brooks felt comfortable enough to share a serious part of his heartfelt struggles with his father.
* He also balances out the deep conversation well with masculine energy by immediately asking her questions about her family which is a great topic to lead with and to allow her to speak to one of her biggest cards of heart.
* By acknowledging that gratitude usurps all in his life and that he doesn’t take anyone for granted, he’s tapping into one of the highest frequencies on earth for healing and loving; this shows her that he’s a compassionate man who lives his highest good regardless of circumstances.
* Tearing up and taking his time to open up so quickly demonstrates that he trusts her and in turn will attract her highest trust.
* The hand holding, up close dancing, and the fact that they play things off as non-serious makes this connection super genuine and highly compatible on several levels!


Zack W
* Great gift to balance out his earlier shirtless antics.
* He did interrupt her as she thanked him; he could have said nothing for it to be even more emotional.


* Talking about his kid over and over again putsBEN1370287063_131701_4134_pre_bachelorette-467 him in a serious space, but women should take note that he’s deflecting attention from himself which means he could be hiding something.
* Sneaky kiss by forcing it via asking (Dez is far too polite to say no in that context but odds are she wasn’t really after it)
* Rushes another kiss and puts his hand out to almost prevent her from pulling away after interrupting another guy when he already earned a rose.
* If Dez tuned in to that inconsiderate action in this context, she would realize that he’s trouble in the making.


Zak W
* Wrote a great card “Things I like about you so far…”
* Clever and appears to be a confident gentleman.


* Picking her up and carrying her away in a silly fashion was awesome.
* Reiterating his desire for kids.
* Talks about wrapping up his previous relationship without going into any detail, his works were a bit convoluted and ambiguous.
* Dez had a chance to ask him some tougher questions about his needs and future but spoke over him as if she was already sold.


* Showed that he couldn’t dance at all which is the kiss of death in dating!


Michael G
* Puts himself in friend zone right off the bat by saying he’ll look out for her.
* Talks about respecting women which is great but it’s not the way to build a romantic connection, more of a brother connection.
* Telling her about the type 1 diabetes health condition was awesome but we think he could have done it faster to make it less dramatic.


* Comes across super intense and exudes anger underneath his facial expressions.
Brandon1316580403pre-1368471600* By telling Dez what he’s not, rather than who he is by just being himself, it creates way too much gravity and you can tell she’s in her head while listening to him.
* He dumps way too much baggage on her too fast without laying a romantic playful connection first!
* He’s selling her too hard on his vulnerability and appears to be a risky emotional investment despite sharing from the depths of his heart.  Pace makes the race though too!


* Smiles the majority of the time even though he doesn’t seem to add as much to the conversation; Dez seems to wear the pants with him oddly enough.
* He comes across as emotionally wounded from the bachelorette-9-week-2-brydenaccident and holding back a bit for some reason.
* His outfit is a good balance between masculine and feminine energy, although pants may have been a better choice to look sexier, but no big deal.
* Seemed really genuine when speaking about not taking anything for granted and understanding that life is fragile.
* Even though he spoke about being ready to avoid hiding behind the military armor, he didn’t look her in the eye when he said it raising our doubts.
* Stumbled on his words and repeated himself way too many times to be taken as confident man.
* The fact that he didn’t go for it appears out of congruence with a lady’s vision for a military take charge man which could spell a dismissal soon.