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Predicting Bachelorette Desiree’s Perfect Match: Week 1

By Christian Hellmers and The First 10 Minutes Team

Desiree Bachelorette

This year’s Bachelorette is going to be extra special because Dez is legendary. She represents a diverse range of the female archetypes from being sexy, motherly, passionate, and hard working, not to mention well balanced between her feminine flow and her masculine direction. The key question for us stems from which of the men portray balance between spontaneity, class, and direction. She will not settle for a boy like Emily did. She’s ready for a man who can let loose.  At the same time, wooing a woman is not an easy nor is it an exact science…even less so on national television.  These guys will have to know how to catch Dez’s attention in a charismatic way but without going over the top, which could be perceived as just trying to gain camera time…not attractive!

Here are some key qualities for what Dez is seeking in a partner, based on our observations…
* Confidence
* Financial security
* Playfulness/fun/spontaneity
* Intelligence
* Sensitivity (to an extent, not overly so)
* Manliness–not a boyishness

Here’s how we think her love hopefuls stack up to what she needs and wants…


Approach Performance: “C”
* Deep masculine voice and military man comes across as intense.
* Possibly too serious for her, not enough spontaneity.
* Kinda focused on the negative by bringing up Sean’s mistake.
* No real spark by playing it safe.
* Moved slow and was calm throughout.
* He thought she forgot his name which showed he doubts himself.
* Told a cool story about a young kid in Iraq to show his sensitive side.
* Will he be playful enough?

Approach Performance “C-“
* Well balanced.
* Masculine appearance with a playful side.
* Doing yoga demonstrates his worldliness and well roundedness.
* Fit and attractive enough for her.
* Seemed so rehearsed that it made him seem less authentic.
* Started smooth at first then rambled too long, not allowing her to go back and forth to create a real introduction.
* Looks to the left way too often which tells a woman not to trust.
* Going with a term like “goddess” works well, if you are a “king” in confidence.
* Asking her to come up with a nickname for himself is too much pressure at first, the sharing of the nickname “Athena” was enough and by continuing onward, he showed that it’s more about the nickname than love.

Approach Performance: “C”
* Appears to be a bit more feminine than masculine with his voice.
* Appearance-wise he’s fit and strong.
* Wounded and sensitive from divorce and father figure as an alcoholic.
* Appears inexperienced and unseasoned enough for love.
* Comes across as a little brother with a high arm hug, not sexy!
* “I can’t believe this is actually here” while looking down embodies more of a giddy feminine approach than a manly swag.
* Hand holding was good move to show interest.
* Forgot to introduce his name and claimed nervous boyishness, not attractive but friendly and makes her feel safe.
* Loved his comment tapping into the moment “I’m so excited to get to know you better” and she appeared to smile showing her appreciation for his sincerity.
* Sharp dressed but a bit overly buttoned up.
* Seems to fall into little brother category again when talking about her clothes.

Nick RNick R_sq
Approach Performance: “C+”
* Appears masculine and well dressed.
* Has a strong feminine like presence in his color choices.
* By performing magic in the limelight it’s evident that he will be wanting to entertain which is a feminine quality.
* Very smooth approach and delivery (you can tell he performs on stage) but was it too smooth?
* By asking for a hug, he was awesome!
* Incorporating the magic piece was cool but also took away from any heart connection, rather it was just another performance in both their eyes- at least that’s the impression we got.
* The show is about finding a deep love not being a great showman which is why he got dismissed!
* Going big and bold to steal her away from the outset was awesome but again it didn’t take any heart space and he was interrupted before he had time to go into where he was in his life.
Zak W_sqZak W
Approach Performance: “B”
* Goofy playful side that shows he’s well balanced.
* Lives in nature which shows that he’s past the rat race mentality of hustling others for money like most masculine men.
* By going big and bold shirtless and looking out to the sky, he was the ultimate man of confidence!
* By being playful and enjoyable, he took the pressure off of Dez.
* His facial expressions and silliness resonate well with her style.
* “Will you accept these abs?” was funny and is so ridiculous that it worked well!
* Since he’s got the goods and wasn’t a douchebag about it, he performed quite well.
* The bigger question is whether he will have the mental connection and soft sensitive side she seeks!
* “You look amazing” was a great line to end on.
* Jumping in the pool kept him consistent in his style which made her feel safe.
* He’ll need to show he can man up with intelligence at some point soon to not be put in the boy category.

Approach Performance: “B-“
* Appears young.
* Entrepreneurial and well traveled.
* Successful in his business which shows confidence.
* Talks as if he’s ready for serious love in interview.
* Great approach with his first line and hug.
* Taking the tie off was smart but too rehearsed without any real conversation!!!
* Great to plant a seed about taking clothes off.
* Had he actually talked to her after that, it would have been more authentic.
* Solid masculine presence.

Mike R_sqMike R
Approach Performance: “B”
* Love the unique outfit to stand out- huge plus!
* Smooth and calm and collected all the way through.
* Declaring that he’ll be her “Mc Dreamy” was painful to watch but she played off it well and said would you be my “Mc Steamy” to show that she enjoyed it.
* The fact that he didn’t care when he said it, made it reasonable.
* Ended after she said “You look great” and that was a great place to leave her guessing.
* Will he be silly enough to be with Dez who is well balanced in her masculine and feminine?

Approach Performance: “A-“
* Great entrance by doing his own thing on a motorcycle which is his truth.
* Snappy outfit with pinstripes on suit.
* Easy conversation and kind exchange just being real in the moment, not trying too hard or doing anything fancy (his bike spoke for itself).
* Awesome compliment as he walked up to make her feel appreciated and not idolized.
* His initial 1 on 1 time was a bit intense and he shared some of his serious truths- his mother being sober for 7 years, fate brought them together due to the coin flip, and he’s confident he will make it to hometowns.
* Might have been wiser to not lay it all on her at once and to keep it slightly mysterious to move her through her emotions.
* Love that he was the first guy to interrupt the magician, bold move shows he’s man enough for her.
* He could possess an angry side from the way his face looks at times…we shall see.

Approach Performance: “C”
* Great start to the hug, smooth and fluid.
* Shoes were casual which is kinda bold considering she’s in an evening dress.
* By declaring he looked her up on social media, that gives him a creepy impression (guys aren’t ever supposed to do that, women get a free pass as long as they don’t say they did because too many men are creepy).
* Hashtag talk was kinda corny.
* No spontaneity or sincerity.
* Came across as well balanced between masculine and feminine.

Approach Performance: “B-“
* Great opening line the way he said “You look so stunning.”
* Straight in for hug and asked her if she was nervous to put the pressure on her.
* Seemed awkward at first, interrupting her.
* Well dressed and face shaved like.
* Closed it out well by accepting her inviting her to “call him out” on his forgetfulness but the conversation moved at too rapid of a pace for it to be a great first impression.
* Exuded confidence even though he said he was nervous during a strange first exchange.
* “Give me another hug” was an authoritative move to show his masculine nature.



Approach Performance: “C”
* Good approach, walked slow.
* Nice opening compliment.
* Exudes masculinity.
* The wishbone intro wasn’t spontaneous enough to be genuine.
* Rehearsed and ordinary and kinda cheesy.


Michael G_sq



Michael G
Approach Performance: “B-“
* His arms were so outstretched upon meeting her with deer in headlights eyes.
* The fact that he got her to walk over to the fountain to look for new pennies was clever and could have been a hit if the universe were to allow pennies to be in the fountain. 😉
* By giving her a penny of his own to throw in, it showed he was prepared!
* The hardest part about him is his voice, not masculine enough which made it seem less enchanting than if a stud were to ask her.
* At the end he interrupted her and rushed out of there to show he was nervous. By doing this, he leaves an impression that it didn’t go well when he could have laughed about how love is never perfect!

Approach Performance: “F-“
* The ultimate creeper.
* By inviting her to go to the fantasy suite, he was clearly not in tune with anything.
* Makes us wonder if he was an actor paid to be there?
* Not surprising he was asked to leave since he wasn’t there for love.
* By asking her repeatedly to go to the fantasy suite, he is all about one thing and appears to be mentally off.
* He’s not picking up on any of her communication and he’s a total player.
* He represents the exact opposite of what she’s after yet he’s clueless.

Approach Performance: “D”
* Smooth walk and well dressed but kinda creepy drag of his hand across her back after he greeted her.
* By lecturing her on “Loyalty is love…” it came across that he knows more and yet he’s not even 30.
* His remarks of being her husband growing old, fat, gray haired together plus the hunchback wasn’t all that classy for an introduction on tv, rather painfully immature and uncomfortable but she didn’t cringe.
* Humor is king and he came across as having an odd sense of humor.
* Came across as possibly the son of Tony Soprano with his loyalty remarks, kinda intimidating. what would happen if she wasn’t loyal and chose her friends over him one night? odds are he’d be angry in a not-so-worth-it way. 😉
* “Can’t wait to meet you” showed how nervous he was but he was playful afterwards and owned it well!
Approach Performance: “F”
* Almost robotic.
* Highly masculine but also overly directive.
* Too serious and didn’t allow for any conversation.
* Too rehearsed with the dance move and dip.
* By ripping her dress, it doesn’t get much worse.
* Called out as sleepy during their talk; could it go any worse.
* Creepy talk when discussing watching Sean’s season speaking slowly almost as if he was joking, but he wasn’t!

Zack KZack K_sq
Approach Performance: “B+”
* Tux plus converse shows he’s not super serious.
* Declares he’s going to hug her which shows his confidence.
* Reacted in the moment by saying “Not trying to be too fancy.”
* Played it safe but the best thing about him was his slow speech and pauses.
* Overall his presence was outstanding and came across as a cool cat who is genuine and creative.
* “I want to talk to you and hear all about you” was sincere and authentic based on his eye contact.
* “I’m glad to be here” was sweet.



Approach Performance: “D”
* Over the top with the cheesy “Knight in shining armor” line and costume.
* No spontaneous exchange and appears to have minimal social skills.






Approach Performance: “C”
* “You look very nice” is so ordinary and claiming butterflies showed weakness not confidence.
* By doing something bold he earned a little respect.
* His approach to getting on one knee and tying his shoe took way too long.
* Had he just done it faster and with nonchalance, the act would have been far more interesting and received.
* No room for conversation and first sparks.
* The comment about starting off on the right foot was awful :-/

Juan Pablo_sqJuan Pablo
Approach Performance: “B-“
* Great masculine presence and European look with casual dress which stands out in a confident way.
* Overplayed how to pronounce his name which was awkward.
* Closed well by bringing her some chocolate from his country.
* The fact that he has an accent pretty much means he doesn’t have to do anything since women melt at the sight of an international man.
* Clever to bring a soccer ball since he’s gifted at the game and shows her one of his greatest gifts.
* By including others in to play, he’s a gentleman.

Approach Performance: “C+”
* Nice smile upon approaching her.
* Said the word pleasure twice while introducing himself which showed nervousness.
* By wearing a fuzzy coat for her to touch, then following it up with the fact he shared he normally wears a suit suggests that he knows what’s appropriate and is socially savvy.
* Showing that you know how to dress is always a plus but be careful not to steal away her thunder- he didn’t in this case like the Knight in shining armor.
* Not willing to show her he liked her at all was a bit insincere.
* “I look forward to getting to know ya” is a bit too business not enough love.

Approach Performance: “C”
* Wearing a unique outfit that he designed showed he could share a passion of hers.
* The actual design itself was a bit silly which could connect well with her sense of humor but the suit color scheme appeared modestly attractive to the eye at best.
* Had he designed a kick ass suit that popped, then he would be able to connect on a greater level.
* His speech came across as nervous or unusual, perhaps he has an impediment that he needs to share so she knows upfront.
* She said it best, “I think I’ll do the sewing.”

Nick MNick M_sq
Approach Performance: “B-“
* Walked a bit too fast to approach her.
* Awesome masculine presence with a deep voice and physical stature.
* Showed a phenomenal masculine/feminine balance by going for a poem.
* Poem was mediocre but showed his genuine side and intention to fall in love.
* “Flutter in the ocean” line was a bit much for a first hello and made it slightly awkward.
* Since he wrote a poem, it would have been nice to chat more first before reading the poem to exchange a few sentences about being in the first moment together.

Approach Performance: “B-“
* Great use of smile.
* You can tell he genuinely desired to be there, and with her!
* Kind and giddy.
* Sharply dressed and earned a compliment.
* Easy going but no real conversation other than his joy of being there.
* Did nothing wrong yet took no risks.
* His looks carried him through this first exchange well but played it safe so he’ll need to show he can be bold and more masculine to not get put in the friend zone.

Approach Performance: “A-“
* Smart entrance to bring his boy exuding confidence with his single fatherhood.
* Highly masculine appearance and dressed well.
* Showed Dez that his son is his life which resonates with her vision for a family.
* Put himself in a great place to shine by interacting with his son as a sensitive father.
* Allowed time for some chit chat about the moment and didn’t seem awkward or anything as if she can take him as he is or leave him.
* He took the cue to go inside after they had talked enough.
* Talked about his parents being together still which makes her feel safe.
* Earned a rose since he was absolutely husband material through it all the way!


So, just from introductions we want to know who you think will make it to the final 5?  Or perhaps you prefer to leave the decision up to Dez…in which case we want to hear who are your favorite Bachelors vying for Desiree’s hear?!  Leave your comments below!