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The “NOW” is living in the moment.


Why “The Now” Matters…

  • > Time is simply a measure of how many times the earth rotates around the sun.  It’s arbitrary.  The truth of the matter is that we may age, but we cannot go back in time or into the future, even though our mind lives in both on occasions.  Thus, if you shift your mindset to be living in the moment as if its your last, a new possibility becomes available to you in partnership.  Yes we can choose to reflect backwards or forward, but if our intention is to TRUTHFULLY improve OUR results in love and connection, especially considering how challenging relationships can be-  we must begin to integrate new awareness tools to help us understand that love comes from within before it extends to others.
  • > By calibrating our minds to focus on “the moment” that is unfolding at that exact perfection of its mystery and unique happening, a new dimension appears- a space that is free of worry, mistakes, judgement, mind chatter, or distraction.  The dimension is still and peaceful.  The more we live in this arena, without expectation or attachment to outcomes, the higher the stakes with everybody, not just our potential lovers.  Simply tune in as if you are truly connected with everything in a playful sense.
  • > The “Now” is not as surreal as we think.  The fact that no one can conclusively determine how we all got here, whether it’s a hybrid of creationism and evolution, or one or the other, the point is something beyond the realm of our understanding exists and forces us to constantly challenge why & what we are doing here.  This is why we believe your intuition is your most phenomenal tool to take into consideration for decision making.  The only way to integrate this innate gift is to live in the now.  Your intuition is not qualitative or quantitative, it just “is.” Thus, your mind must turn off at some point to use this asset.  Women use it far more often than men and invite all the men to begin experimenting with this, however it may show up in your life, to fully grasp the treasures beneath it.
  • > If you want to get out of your over-analytical aspects, honor the “Now.”  Eckhart Tolle wrote a book called “The Power of Now” and it will transform you way of being with every person, moment, and experience.  If you haven’t had the chance to examine his works including “A New Earth”, take this opportunity to ask yourself why you haven’t chosen to ACTUALLY take advantage of a new freedom that is available for less than 20 bucks.  If you cannot carve out a few hours to do this, then your not truly in the game of life.  You are a bystander.


A Few Suggested Practices for “The NOW”…

  • > BREATHE deeply from gut to throat, before you approach anyone (hold your breath for at least 4 seconds and aim to release it at a slow pace to slow down your heart rate).  Find a way to slow all down.  Bring essential oils such as Valor or Eucalyptus from Young Living to remind you to breathe and to awaken your sensitivity to the elements in the room.  If you smell good, it never hurts too 😉
  • > FEEL what your body is communicating to you and take mental notes then move on.  Trust your body first before your thoughts.  Tap into your environment.  Find a way to shift your focus from the outcomes or words to the magic that is happening around you by simply being here.  In order to get into the “Now” you need to exercise your “moment awareness muscles” that exist in every cell.  If you cannot shut off your inner voice naturally, then try this practice at home.  Turn your attention to every ache or pain or sensation in your own body and look at books on Chinese medicine to understand why your body is storing energy in those locations.  This will give you some insight because nothing is felt on accident.  There is no such thing as an accident- if we can be created so magnificently with perfect gravity to keep us on earth, with perfect feeling such as love, with such miraculous moments as child birth.
  • > Drop everything that you’ve ever learned and hit the reset button in a moment.  Suspend all beliefs including your perception of people, of yourself, of your purpose, of the environment.  Start fresh.  Notice every sense as if you were just born into that moment.  Recognize the colors, the scents, the reactions of people, the direction your walking, the pace at which you speak, the color of the wind, the feeling behind someone’s eyes, the imaginary forces at play.  Take nothing for granted for as long as you can…as if you were starring in a movie and narrating telepathically to your ancestors.