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The masculine and the feminine lie in each of us.  In Chinese medicine, they are referred to as as the “yin” and the “yang.”  According to David Deida, it’s the witness or the consciousness that is the masculine and the light or abundance that is the feminine.

A Few Suggested Practices to Boost Masculinity:

  1. Sit still and close your eyes.  Don’t think just visualize.  Visualize yourself on your path to dying in the name of your life.  Feel into that greatness and way you would be remembered.  To be honored for what you die living for- is breathtaking.  Know that it’s true by checking into it everyday to be 100% that you are living for your highest purpose.  If you get stuck, ask your close friends as well as your co-workers.  It’s most insightful to hear other people’s perceptions of your greatest gifts from all areas in your life to be certain you aren’t missing out on who you really are!
  2. Slow down the way you walk, talk, & move.  If you start living in slow motion, you begin to notice things differently.  By connecting deeper to life’s experience in the split second, people begin to notice that you know things they don’t.  They gravitate towards you because you skip to a different beat.  It is those that react fastest in the moment who are most respected as powerful beings.
  3. Build up your chi by doing stretching exercises or breathing exercises or martial arts.  It is vital that a conscious person utilize his greatest asset in any situation, his/her breath.  Whether your male or female, you possess a masculine side.  Without oxygen to the brain, we cannot function at our best masculine self.  Begin to pay close attention when you notice yourself short on breath, out of a parasympathetic state.  This is the exact time to stop in your tracks and hit the reset button to gather composure.
  4. Experiment with your power by telling people NO daily.  Do it with a smile at times.  Do it without a smile at other times.  Come from love underneath as best as your capacity allows.  Until you can grasp the role as a true director, you cannot become one with the masculine, the one who defines the boundaries.

A Few Suggested Practices to Enhance Femininity:

  1. Dance, dance, dance.  But do it differently.  Move to different types of music.  First try it alone in front of the mirror and if you own a flipcam, film yourself.  Witness first hand where your kinks exist.  Laugh at them and extend through them.  Whatever type of music you don’t like, try dancing to that too!  The idea is to stretch yourself into full glow and flow.  The only way to get there is to go into the unknown, inside your body!
  2. Play with a variety of essential oils.  Decorate your body’s fragrance with pine, or lavendar, or eucalyptus, et al.  Natural scents that occur in nature will be far more alluring than synthetic fragrances.  Invite more eyes on you by appealing to a wider audience.  Burn more candles in your room or experiment with incense & sage to master your appreciation of these natural arts.  Take the oils with you wherever you go to attract healthy attention in unique circumstances.
  3. Squeeze your own body.  Play with your hair.  Draw attention to your curves and your unique features.  By touching these areas on your body, all eyes will naturally go there.  Enchant through teasing others about what it must be like to feel the sensation of your own features.  The more subtle the better in the beginning.  Gradually increase the connection you have with your body to show the prospect that you aren’t a shrinking violet in any such way!