Charisma is both visible and invisible.  It strikes everyone to open up and surrender to another’s greatness.  It’s in every single one of us.  It is defined by the Greeks as a “divine favor” or gift.  Thus, we must determine what TRULY IS our greatest gift to others in order to become charismatic!

A Few Suggested Practices to Boost Charisma:

> Get emotionally experienced with every type of emotion.  In Chinese medicine, the 7 fundamental emotions are fear, shock, worry, sadness, joy, thought, and anger.  Come up with a model that works for you.  Find the people you need to surround yourself to experience each of these.  Ask a friend, a family member, or consult a therapist or spend time with a healer or energy worker to allow yourself a gradual gain into each of these emotions.  Usually the hardest to tap into are fear, sadness, and anger.  Role playing with people who can hold space for what might show up for you is our favorite.  By simply releasing these stored forces, you will release toxins out of the body and create a great new awareness for harnessing their unconscious behavior.  A charismatic person masterfully communicates, under virtually any circumstance, from a place of emotional certainty.

> Recognize that practice makes perfect.  You cannot simply flip a switch to be charismatic unless you’ve had a number of experiences under those particular circumstances.  This means you have to push yourself to fail.  Yes fail by your ego’s current definition, but fail with a smile.  Laugh it off.  If that means step on to the karaoke stage and sing a song horribly, do it!  After you’ve done it once, the 2nd time will be eons easier!  If you want to make it more private, then rent a karaoke room out with 1 friend and have an embarrassing night together that won’t go past the two of you.  Make it easy to fail, then gradually step up in class.  Eventually you will get into a state of total surrender into “the Happening.”  In “the Happening”, everything dissolves and you live like water, as Bruce Lee stated.  Once you can shape to your environment with ease and non-attachment, you begin to light up the room because others feel safe to interact in their fullest freedom.