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Everyone by now has heard that somewhere between 70% and 80% of all communication is non-verbal, right?  So the trick is to understand signals and to understand what’s happening to your own body talk.  This includes the good, the bad, and the not-so-fine.  There are times when we completely turn people on or off by the way we stand, lean, stare, pose, dance, touch, hug, kiss, smile, turn, itch, sit, move, you get the idea.  We’ve included a few practices to get your awareness up to speed!

A Few Suggested Body Language Practices NOT TO DO

  1. Stand face-to-face to others upon meeting them.  This lends the interaction to high pressure and intimidation.
  2. Slouched shoulders.  This implies uncertainty or uneasiness. 
  3. Fiddling with fingers, drinks, hands, clothes, anything distracts connection.  If you possess excess energy, then keep your hands behind your back or thumbs in pockets or hold your phone.
  4. Staring contests.  Be sure to know when too much eye contact is too much.  Maintain eye contact at least 65% of the time if not more, but don’t get into the 90% range.  It can become creepy like you’re staring at a movie star.
  5. Go half-ass on the dance floor.  If you don’t give it all you got, you will look lost.  You can bounce up and down at 20% as if you don’t care and that looks fine.  But going into 3rd gear on the dance floor is like watching your grandparents move (no offense grandma and grandpa).

A Few Suggested Body Language Practices TO DO

  1. Shift your mindset to becoming legendary as if you were at celebrity status.  Recite positive affirmations that ring true to you.  Whether it’s the “Rocky” Eye of the Tiger or Rhianna’s “What’s My Name.”  Get into a higher state and your body will follow what is brewing inside every time.  If you cannot recall the song often enough, make a playlist on your phone and bring headphones with you.  Play those songs daily or weekly to remind you.
  2. Strut it up.  Work on your walk.  Slow it down.  Lean with it from time to time.  Shake your hips if you got em.  Splash it up with your arm swings.  Let people know that you are in the building and ready to show up.
  3. Exercise that day to get the endorphins kicking.  Follow it up with a raw vegetable & blueberry smoothie.  Seriously.  Add some B-vitamins, bee pollen, maca, cacao, et al to give yourself the greatest fuel.  Avoid drinking more than 2 drinks if possible nothing is more of a turnoff than a person who gets sloppy.
  4. Take attention off your body by enhancing your scent.  If you distract the eyes with an amazing aroma, your brain’s senses will put all the attention on that positive quality.  This is for those who simply cannot move period!
  5. Stretch for 2 minutes in the morning and before bed.  This will allow for your body to stay flexible to avoid robotic syndromes on the dance floor or in your strut.