Art of Texting & Facebook

Why Texting & Facebook Matter.

At this point in time, we stand in the information age.  We have more information and entertainment options than we know to what to do with.  Hence, the bar has been raised.  Humor is such a core part of our every day experience that if something isn’t witty or charming, it might be viewed as a waste of time.  As you begin to start a relationship with someone, keep this context in mind.  Life is about laughs but now more so than ever before.  Thus we are entering a new digital renaissance era and he or she who is socially informed and sharp wins the hearts of many.  This doesn’t mean you have to become a comedian, but it does signify that he or she who has access to these witty resources is put on a pedestal for simply acting as a vehicle to showcase the best content. 

Enter facebook and Twitter and smart phones.  These revolutionary advancements in communication rival the birth of the telephone.  Why spend time on the telephone when it’s inefficient, knowing that 70% of communication is non-verbal!  You can fight it or join the revolution.  One thing is for sure, time is short and best spent doing something more engaging than talking over the phone.  Skype is a classic example of a more engaging experience.  Video chatting can lead to all sorts of fun, especially if it’s you’ve just started a new story together.  Beware that video sessions can be recorded!

The best way to showcase your personality through texting is to explore your options.  Download a few emoticon apps.  If you don’t have a smart phone by now, then what are you waiting for?  A phone is a status symbol as much as I hate saying it.  It is the equivalent of the car that you drive.  If your ride can’t go faster than 55mph, then you won’t get the time of day from most.  As you develop your intuition via texting, keep in mind that anger and hard energy broadcasts seldom work in your favor.  Most people will simply refrain from responding or replying with reasonable communication.  Don’t get caught in a texting war by never engaging in challenging conversations over text.  Simply ‘suggest’ or ‘allude’ to something being off and save the real talking for in person heartfelt matters.  On the flip-side, play away.  Allow your imagination to run wild with obscure references or colorful cartoons or meaningful photos.  You can win over someone quickly with your imagianation because artistry is the closest experience to a greater power.  Logic alone doesn’t stimulate the right brain, which is why people struggle to connect emotionally within intellectually serious environments or communications.  Get into beauty and prioritize it as Plato would.

In terms of Facebook communication, be smart and creative about the context of your relationship relative to the standard rules that apply to Facebook.  In terms of posting on people’s walls, rarely do it unless you have something that is academy award winning for laughter and begs little controversy.  People are far too sensitive these days, rightfully so in many cases, due to previous wounding and hardship.  It is too risky to press people’s buttons on their most holy of holy places, their facebook collage.  People treat their wall as if it’s their personal PR campaign and many wish to avoid offending friends or family over taking a stand to state their ‘actual’ opinion on someone or something.  Play it safe.  Avoid the wall and stick to private messaging or ‘Liking’ posts on their wall.  Traditional email is being usurped by Facebook email and you are practically guaranteed that your note will be read if you send it via FB.  The great thing is that you can also leverage Facebook’s instant messaging platform to get to know a prospect in an unconventional manner by sharing Youtube music videos or skits or personal videos in a private cozy environment.  Some people are live on Facebook chat on their phones but many use the IM feature at home only.  Use this to your advantage and highlight who you are via this channel.  Don’t stick with text.  Use links to get your points across.  Create emotional connections via your online video preferences or passions.  You don’t have to be a guitar player BUT you better share what guitarist you like best & why!