On Valentine’s day eve, a few of us hit one of the classiest cougar hangouts in SF. We all knew that all the lovely women would be feeling the heat the night before the big night. I spotted a woman in a bright dress and she glanced for a second, but then looked me off. I know I had a shot since she turned her head so quick as if to pretend she wasn’t checking me out. I strolled up right after her antics, leaving my boys behind, and asked “Were you looking at me?” She replied “What if I was.” I said in milliseconds, “Then you would be looking at your Valentine’s date tomorrow”. She smiled and gave me her number when I insisted. ┬áThe two of us spent the next big night at the top of a hotel admiring each others’ lips. By far she still tops my list as one of the best kissers of all time.
–Scott, Manhattan, NY