I went on a first date with a well dressed man at a tapas restaurant. We drove separately and met at the bar inside. We were chatting and having a nice time, when all of a sudden he glances out the window and his face drops and he yells “THAT’S MY CAR!!” and he bolts out of the restaurant. His car was being towed and even though it never works, he ran into the middle of the street and tried to convince the tow truck driver to let the car go. Obviously, that failed, so he crawls back into the bar with his tail between his legs. Wanting to do something nice and help him forget about it, I said, “That sucks, let me buy you a shot and we’ll forget about it!” Not only did he spill the shot all over the bar, but he proceeded to mope and pout about the car for the rest of the date. He couldn’t accept that there was nothing he could do about it at the moment and just enjoy the date–instead he acted like a toddler the entire time. There is little less attractive than that. Oh, and the kicker? He TOTALLY DESERVED TO BE TOWED. He parked in front of a fire hydrant AND he had a very, very expired registration.

-–Taylor, Atlanta, GA