Our Unique Services

Our clients include business executives, engineers, medical professionals, teachers, professors, artists, celebrities, politicians, and anyone who is ready for a loving partnership…

…step into your best self!

The First 10 Minutes Matchmaking Unique Differentiators

  • We offer a free and paid personalized matchmaking service for professional men and women integrating our team’s expertise plus your preferences & challenges!
  • We do background checks online and screen for the most evolved men and women out there- successful, well rounded, & emotionally aware.
  • We enroll men and women in our coaching programs, depending on their level of awareness, to be eligible for our premium matchmaking service.
  • We focus on matching professionals who seek sustainable relationships (from several months to several years including, but not limited to marriage).
  • We utilize our own scientific dating technology to match people and to coach clients on ways to connect authentically in the first 10 minutes.
  • We use a variety of professional matchmaking tools such as Matchmatrix, masculine & feminine analytics, and personality questionnaires to understand your conscious and subconscious needs.


Is your time too valuable to spend searching online and emailing strangers…?

Our team of sharp matchmakers aka “social architects” will help you find love.  Whether it’s a 3 month, 6 month, or lifelong partnership, we use years of research on compatibility metrics and surveys, intuition from actual people, relationship analysis based on selective questions, and candid dialogue.  Our team will listen to your needs and find you the closest comparable match in your local area or on the other side of the globe if so desired!  No joke.

We match all types of people to all types of people!  The team offers various membership levels to suit your requests depending on your needs and budget!  Hellmers and his team of architect, therapists, and coaches understand the dating landscape from multiple levels.  We create dating experiences built on safety first, mutual compatibility second, and fun third, while taking the bulk of the awkwardness and discomfort out of dating someone new!


Our Primary Matchmaking Destinations:

San Diego, CA

Orange County, CA

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA

New York, NY

London, England (coming soon)

Paris, France (coming soon)