Imagine! You go on vacation to some exotic island and meet the man or woman of your dreams. After a week in paradise the two of you decide to take it seriously and a relationship ensues. Here are our top 5 thrills and perils to having an international relationship!


• Everything your lover says sounds so sexy with an accent.

• Your international lover will have an affinity for traveling so he/she will likely want to take you with them on lavish adventures.

• You spend so many hours chatting with your lover that you’ve never learned a foreign language faster in your life!

• Dating a foreigner makes you think more passionately. Imagine how your lover crossed oceans and mountains to find you…

• Your potential children will be a beautiful, exotic mix of ethnicities.



• Eventually you will want to live in your home country, so a shared domain doesn’t exist between the two of you.

• You don’t really know why certain habits you have bother your lover so much. To you they’re perfectly normal, but it drives your lover up the wall!

• You’re not sure of your lover’s motivation when he/she says they want to marry you. Is it for legal reasons or for love?

• Eventually all this traveling to meet your lover will burn a hole in your pocketbook.

• Your lover has different ideas on how to raise children that doing so might result in many battles.


Whether the relationship ends with a bang or turns into the love of a lifetime you will have plenty of stories to tell for years to come.