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Halloween is the perfect holiday to let your personality shine and if you take full advantage of expressing your inner child you could end up attracting the perfect mate for a date or even a longer lasting love to last you the holiday season.  Here are our best costume suggestions for your personality and the type of guy or girl you hope to attract!

For the Ladies looking for their Lover:


1. If you tend to be Ms. Challenger show up to your party in a referee costume to attract the guys that really one to get in the game.

2. For those who have always been Ms. Daddy’s Girl dress up as a sexy Soccer Mom to show him smoking hot you could be permanently situated by his side.


3. Let’s be honest, Ms. Cocky, you know you’ve got it going on, so show him on Halloween what he could be missing if he doesn’t ask you out in this sexy Catwoman ensemble!


4. If you know you’re Ms. Shy and hate being the center of attention, dress up as an Arabian Princess and still turn heads but this way he’ll know to be gentle on his approach.


5.  As Ms. Silly you already know how to draw attention with your humor but complete the look and demand his attention by dressing the part as the Jester.




For the Men searching for the love:


1. If you’re Mr. Challenger you should dress in a classic Knight costume to show her first your strength and then your chivalry!


2. You know you’re something special, Mr. Open-Minded, so dress unconventionally in this cheerleader/football player getup to show her you’re up for anything.


3.  If you’re Mr. Silly you have no problem cracking jokes so give yourself a ghoulish edge to show her you have different jokes for different occasions.


4.  I suggest, Mr. Know It All, that you poke fun of yourself on Halloween as a Mad Scientist to suggest that your massive intelligence is no big deal.


5.  Alright, Mr. Big Kid, Halloween is the day for you to go all out to show her how much fun you really can be, and what’s more fun than Angry Birds?!