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In the wake of Thanksgiving many of us become distracted by food coma, Black Friday and, the latest obsession, Cyber Monday. But we want to remind you that an attitude of gratitude is something that should be celebrated all year round and on a daily basis. You likely will notice a difference in your relationship if you adopt this extreme attitude of gratitude. Here are 4 aspects of your relationship that will improve instantly if you celebrate what you’re thankful for all year round…

Better sex. If we decide to celebrate and be grateful for our bodies, the assets we DO have instead of what we DON’T, without fail it will bring you confidence in the bedroom. And sex with the confidence to express who you are couldn’t get any better!

More support from your partner. When we actively express our gratitude for the amazing qualities our partner has they feel more moved to return the favor. This could result in emotional support; help with the chores at home; or any number of ways they might show their gratitude back!

A more ample social life. Let’s face it, people who habitually express their gratitude are happy and want to share that with the people around them. This will keep your social life busy and in turn keep you from becoming an isolated couple.

Relationship longevity. Whatever you focus on or put your energy into, you naturally get more of; and you know what? It’s contagious! So once you and your partner get focused on gratitude you both won’t be able to stop and neither will your relationship!

We want to show our gratitude for all our readers… Thanks for reading and please share with us what you’re (still) grateful for!