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Dating Mastery

We share the best practices available to get you the “awareness tools” to take your dating and new relationship to its peak performance. We also offer calls as you progress further down the dating rabbit hole, unlike many other matchmaking & coaching companies.



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Topics  Master Your Approach to Love
1 Brain Science X
2 Masculinity & Femininity X
3 Safety & Trust X
4 Charismatic Body Language X
5 Non-verbal Communication X
6 Inner Game X
7 Emotional Communication X
8 Releasing Anxiety/Jealousy X
9 Scientific Dating Technology X
10 Timing Practices X
11 Approaching New Partners X
12 Challenging Partners X
13 Initiating Sexual Tension X
14 Masculinity & Femininity X
15 Q & A X
16 Conversation & Story X
17 Dating Strategy X
18 Get Your Ex Back or Pass X
19 Become More Than Friends X
20 Social Strategy X
21 Online Dating Profiles X
22 Texting & Facebook X
23 Using Your Intuition X
24 The Right Brain X
25 Creative Skills X
26 Charisma X
27 Best Practices X
28 Accountability X
29 Q & A X
30 1-on-1 Coaching X
Regular Price $999.00
Summer Discounted Price $847.00



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Group coaching call schedule:
* Select Sunday or Monday evenings @4pm/6pm PST
Call 1-888-367-1210 for a free call password (

Our Primary “Live” Coaching Destinations

San Diego, CA (Select Weeknights & Weekends)
Orange County, CA (Select Weeknights & Weekends)
Los Angeles, CA (Select Weekends)
San Francisco, CA (Select Weekends)
New York, NY (Select Weekends)

Weekend Retreats: 2015 TBA

In addition to our matchmaking service and coaching calls, we take people on amazing social adventures all over the world to practice connecting with new people using our best practices and our scientific dating technology. It’s one thing to read about our research or to become a graduate of our online coaching program. It’s a much richer experience if you come on an adventure with a team of singles or coaches for a weekend getaway. Currently the dates for 2015 weekend retreats are TBA based on availability.