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Juan Pablo has the looks. He has the fame as a former soccer star. He has the style and charisma to attract anyone at first sight. He has the compassion to melt any girls heart. And he has a daughter which changes everything for all the women who seek to open his heart…

Juan Pablo


Similar to Emily’s episode, this isn’t dating just a single parent: this is dating a single parent and their child.  She who can be well balanced in terms of partnership skills and mothering skills will be at the top of his list.  Yet something also is unique about Juan Pablo. He was raised in Venezuela and might seek a woman who appreciates the roles of that culture.  Odds are he’ll be most attracted to a woman who sees him as her king and can play both his lover and his parenting partner.  Since he’s fairly modest and conservative at first glance, we’re willing to bet that he’ll choose a more mature woman over a younger girl, unlike Sean, Ben, Jake, or Brad.


Let the soulmate search begin with a look at the first introductions…


Amy L_sqAmy L 
First Impression: B-
* Extremely radiant dress and stunning feminine presence.
* Seems super girly by shrugging her shoulders like she just won a beauty pageant, which might lend Juan Pablo to question her mindset for motherhood.
* Incredibly sweet and kind introduction but she doesn’t pay full attention when he asks for her name leading him to ask twice.
* Her line about “the sun not setting fast enough” seemed a bit rehearsed and she didn’t allow a natural chemistry to develop between the two of them by talking slightly over him; certainly he was nervous as well during the first introduction.
* By the way she extends her arms you can tell she’s in it for love and might lack the life experience to keep up with him in all facets, but he’s attracted as he welcomes her with intensity at the very end.


First Impression: D
* Casual, non rushed walk with less eye contact towards him makes her seem either reserved or shy or smart about harnessing her affection right off the bat.
* Her dress is a bit classic and elegant to stress that she’s a lady first.
* The fact that she doesn’t ask him anything is a bit unfriendly since the onus is slightly on the new person coming to him, but the fact that he doesn’t save her means he’s either super nervous or barely interested.
* By calling out the awkward pause instead of talking over it, their first exchange crumbles.
* She does save a little face by mentioning it rather than just leaving without saying anything.


First Impression: C
* Calm and cool walk to him with good eye contact and moderate smile.
* Wonderful white dress and cute headband that matches her sweet personality.
* Simple, nothing flashy about it, opener that makes him feel relaxed.
* She doesn’t allow anything natural to develop which hurts her chances of a first spark, but everything goes smooth enough.
* Quick compliment exchanges seem genuine and not obsessive.
* She took no risks.


First Impression: C
* Her first move is to draw attention to her breasts by adjusting her dress.
* Mature, even keeled, and stunning in her green dress.
* The color of her dress is a bit much in that it draws too much attention to her body and less attention to her face.
* Normal introductory exchanges come across sincere and conservative.
* By offering a gift for his daughter, she demonstrates her thoughtfulness, yet at the same time, it’s slightly awkward since she’s never met her.
* It’s almost as if the gift is a way to force him to keep her for the next round, gifts mean the most when you know the person!
* She makes no effort to share what’s behind the curtain in her life or to learn about his in the first 30 seconds.


First Impression: B-
* Interesting choice of dress for a nurse which adds to the mystery and sexiness.
* Lovely presence and kind aura upon her approach.
* The way she states her name shows she’s quite confident and a strong woman.
* Her unusual opener was kind of clever drawing attention to her feminine features all the while declaring herself vulnerable in the moment with a rapid heartbeat.
* The way she took charge during an intense moment earns her style points, despite the odd nature of her request; since she was fairly confident, it comes across as cool and not weird.
* Her abrupt departure indicated some nervousness which is healthy since she owned it out loud, yet she could have asked him a question or two about his life or shared something special to her to see if they could connect quickly in the moment.


First Impression: A-
* Mature and cleverly dressed not to attract all the attention to her outfit; by choosing a lighter color she comes across more feminine and less intense.
* You can tell she’s ready for motherhood by her skillful approach and take charge attitude towards quickly moving the conversation from hello to “show me how to salsa”, “you take the lead.”
* By allowing the man to lead early on, she’s making him feel safe and at home in his natural way, which can be seen by his instantaneous dance moves.
* Another brilliant move is not to drool over his good looks, allowing him to have all the power in the early going.
* She is well balanced in her awareness in all areas: dressing in a more subtle sexy way, playing to his masculinity by letting him teach her off the bat, being polite and asking him to show her more later, wears a scent that he acknowledges, and showing just the right amount of interest.
* Her last goodbye before entering the house was sweet and attentive to his words- super sexy.


First Impression: D
* Sexy dress that draws a good balance between her figure and her beautiful smile.
* She’s quick to jump in on pronouncing names which takes all of the spontaneity out of the connection; it’s more like a classroom setting than a romantic first encounter.
* Notice that his hands immediately go into his pockets indicating he’s hiding his power and not in an open stance to share love or connection.


First Impression: A+
* Absolutely adorable dress than creates a vivid stunning look; wearing pastel yellow and being a confident woman adds extra sexy, feminine, and alluring energy; it’s almost like she’s teasing him that she gets the power she has to pretend she is the naive one.
* In telling him that she’s from Brazil without speaking Portuguese, it shows how powerful she is in not revealing everything at once and invites him to go there, which he does, taking the bait 😉
* Her 2 separate girly sighs captivate him as he leans in for the hug and clearly is drooling at the mouth.


First Impression: C
* Smiles a mile wide all the way until she hugs him in her fairy-like outfit.
* She takes huge risks in being her purest authentic self by wearing flowers in her hair, a hippie-like skirt, and no shoes to determine how he will respond; however, she isn’t tuning in to the fact that he’s looking for a mother.
* First impressions take weeks to alter someone’s mindset and she’s likely to get a few dates at the most, which shows that she’s a bit in her own world.
* Her heart appears wide open but that also might intimidate him since she will be such a character on the show.
* By not asking him anything about himself, she might be too concerned about drawing attention to herself rather than determining her readiness for motherhood.


First Impression: C-
* Soft pink dress draws lots of attention to her hair which might work for her if he’s into curly hair.
* A warm smile and a kind spirit stand out in her calm exchange with him.
* More of a generic introduction with nothing fancy about it.
* By playing it this safe, you lose nothing, yet you gain nothing either.


Lauren S_sqLauren S
First Impression: C-
* Bold move to roll in on a piano, yet it comes across as awkward.
* Her mistakes actually make it cute in some ways because she is so nervous.
* Leading with a passion is a great way to see if he’s going to connect deeply, quickly, and magically.
* Her quick words, short sentences, and repeated hugs indicates she’s frightened of their first few moments which is okay, at least she’s honest.
* Lifting her shoulders a lot makes her even more adorable in that stunning black dress that lifts her sexiness way up most of the other girls.
* By constantly smiling throughout the exchange, all appears as if she’s a great person, yet possibly a bit on the immature side for a step daughter.


First Impression: B
* Gorgeous sparkling dress that matches her sparkling style to a tee.
* By diving right into her passion for teaching science, she shows a lot of her silliness and playfulness.
* She skips over the ability to be in the moment unrehearsed, yet she still has such a way with her spirit that you can’t help but appreciate her.
* She came across as slightly nervous by rushing after her “chemistry” experiment but because her voice was so high and bubbly, she didn’t lose any style points, yet she will need to prove that she can be serious and mature at some point soon.


First Impression: B-
* Super sexy dress with boots added for cleverness.
* Very feminine in many ways by walking and holding her dress like a princess.
* Her confident approach and exchange of words made everything easy, yet they didn’t get to create a spontaneous magical moment due to her leading the conversation.
* Cliches about not taking the “country out of the girl” make it a bit ordinary, but her smile and carefree attitude comes across as friendly and not forced.


First Impression: C
* Classy glittering outfit and genuine smile adds to her dazzling nature, but it might be shifting a bit too much attention to her looks.
* She states that they have a lot in common but doesn’t go into detail which comes across as strange.
* Slightly awkward exchange which leads him to ask repeatedly for her name.
* No real spark created other than on looks alone which doesn’t make for an emotional connection, which is the purpose of his quest for a partner and a step mother for his daughter.


First Impression: D
* Attractive golden dress shows she’s a lady of class.
* Her moderate smile matches her soft, semi-raspy voice.
* Giving him a star was a kin to treating him like one of her kids, not sexy at all.
* She didn’t make an effort to create an emotional connection.
* It appeared she was going through the motions.



First Impression: C
* Wonderful color on her dress which sparked his interest by him calling her “cute” off camera* faking the pregnancy isn’t sexy in any way, yet she gets points for boldness.
* Referencing kids with him was awkward considering her fake tummy.
* His facial expressions during both hugs were those of confusion which means that he didn’t get swept away.
* She appears bubbly and feminine which is bound to bode well for his masculinity.
* Her sweet presence makes her unique impression forgivable.


First Impression: A-
* Soccer ball idea was super smart and authentic.
* By stating that she’s looking for a “teammate”, it’s clear she’s not desperate or gaga over him like many of the other girls.
* Her delicate yet intimate style of hugging was ultra feminine.
* Extra elegant dress shows she’s not a tomboy, great decision to show balance.
* Telling him that she “can keep up” since she plays with the boys is a great way to show off her masculine side in an awesome relatable manner; she didn’t come across as bossy or controlling at all.


Amy J_sqAmy J 
First Impression: C
* A little too excited to meet him implying desperation.
* Wonderful smile and lovely, magical outfit.
* Awesome opener relating to his language with an authentic accent.
* Holding his hands screams neediness when she says “I’m here for you because it’s you.”
* Wonderful closing line again showing she really knows Spanish.
* Cute shoulder shrug to show him her deep femininity.


First Impression: A-
* Calm and cool walk without drooling.
* Soothing voice and wonderful genuine opener “It’s sooo nice to meet you.”
* Sharp sexy dress shows she’s in touch with modern style.
* Notice how he asks her a question first, tipping his hand that he truly wants to know more, rather than many of the other girls doing the talking first.
* Brilliant move to share her motherhood off the bat with a bright smile to limit awkward surprises later on; that shows tremendous confidence in her lifestyle.
* You gotta love how often she smiles and glows.
* “Are you ready for this” is one of the best questions so far as it puts him into the feminine during a moment where he can be acknowledged for his time to shine in love.
* Her presence is warm, inviting, well balanced in femininity and masculinity; clearly a mature woman who is ready for love.
* Ending with a compliment is a bit much but also cool here; sometimes it’s better to not over do it and their exchange was perfect, why not make him earn a compliment first as men often love to chase.
* Juan Pablo’s bye mommy comment was super sharp and cool in the right way validating his respect for her lifestyle.


Lauren H_sqLauren
First Impression: D
* Gorgeous classy dress, excited to meet him.
* Smile appears a bit forced.
* It’s almost as if she was going to pinch him on the cheek as she leaned in for the hug.
* Takes on a motherly presence by saying “You’re so gorgeous”; men are handsome, dapper, sharp dressed not gorgeous.
* “Oh my God I can’t wait to learn more about you,” was a bit intense if you look at her facial expression while she says it, holding his hands a bit too much.
* She appears to be in love with him already.
* When she leaves Juan Pablo raises his eyebrows in a way that hints at he’s afraid.


First Impression: C-
* Comes across as sincere, genuine, humble, and ultra feminine.
* She compliments him after he compliments her which is awesome, she didn’t initiate it which is healthy to allow a more masculine man to start the praising.
* A bit on the sheltered side it would appear due to her making fun of her forgetting to mention her name; might come across as a bit immature for step motherhood.
* Offering him a fishing hook since she’s into fishing is a bit awkward; it’s more cheesy when she says she hopes he’s a good catch.
* You can tell by his lack of words that he’s not impressed.


First Impression: D
* Stunning dress and wonderful sexy color.
* Bringing her dog shows that she’s seeking to keep something else as a distraction from loving him (huge caution sign).
* By not looking him in the eye once, it’s easy to tell that she’s guarded and likely wounded.
* Her initial hug and opening line was playing it super safe; the way she said her name was super confident and attractive since it was presented in a non-doting manner like all the other girls (standing out always helps even if it’s in a guarded way).
* By focusing on where her dog is wandering, it’s likely she’ll struggle to give him the necessary attention he deserves.
* The fact that she doesn’t know how to find the front door leads us to believe she’s likely to be less present and tuned into the moment than other women.
* Juan Pablo does a great job of making her feel comfortable by not pushing her to share more than she already did; if she is indeed wounded or guarded, the best way to open her up is to create an extremely safe, relaxed environment.


First Impression: C
* Deeply spiritual outfit as color brings out lots of psychic energies.
* Awesome smile and extremely open, endearing, youthful presence.
* Talking as she’s walking eases the ice breaker and any awkward energy plus her opener is simple and spoken with slow sure confidence.
* By offering him a “prescription” it turn super cheesy fast, but her smile and confidence makes it more on the “cute” side, but not demonstrating that she’s ready for step motherhood.
* She’s treating him like a patient or a kid, not a man which might put her in a tough spot of earning his respect as a mature, motherly figure for his daughter.


First Impression: C+
* Bright smile and stylish dress.
* Lovely, sweet demeanor.
* Seems slightly nervous, interrupting him mildly.
* Relies solely on their home state commonality and her looks for initial connection.
* Slightly more reserved by not complimenting him back after he gives her one; this can be a plus since she’s playing slightly harder to get while many of the other girls seem to act a bit like groupies.
* Played it super safe which is much better than taking too big of a risk since Juan Pablo is looking for a mother and a partner.


First Impression: B-
* Adorable stepping out the limo with her hands glittering, matching her pink princess dress.
* Super confident walk and cute smile, yet seems overly excited to meet him by saying “I’ve been dying to hug you,” slightly creepy.
* After sharing her name, she walks off and surprises him without a hug or a moment of conversation.
* Clever move in that she leaves him wanting more, yet also a potential sign of trouble as she’s not willing to follow the standard 20 seconds of hellos before pulling a Cinderella disappearing act.
* At least her quick exit balances out her quirky remark about dying to hug him; this makes her a mystery to him which is likely to draw him in because she’ll stand out.


First Impression: B
* Super smooth and almost to the point of low energy upon meeting him.
* Pastel colored dress signifies her shy, less provocative style.
* Interesting to watch her back away after the hug, as if she’s afraid to get to know him.
* Love her close attention to his words when she responds to his compliment “that means a lot coming from you”, yet it also might symbolize that she doesn’t feel worthy of his praise.
* Awesome facial expressions and presence during his challenging remark about Germany; ultra attractive being spontaneous, present, and silly in the moment; notice his little smirk.
* She’s resides in her masculine a bit by the way she carries her shoulders and her voice, but she’s an opera singer so that’s totally understandable.
* Super smart NOT to sing in front of him at first; make him earn it or find a sexy moment to reveal one of her greatest gifts.
* His remarks of “wow” and “hmmm” show he’s attracted to her for more than her looks.


First Impression: A
* Magical indigo dress signifies she’s tapped into the power of color and third eye awareness, perhaps just subconsciously.
* Smart to compliment him and back away to balance it out and not come across as infatuated.
* By stating she’s nervous, she’s being authentic, but the truth is she’s using that as a trick to be sexy; she’s comes across completely confident so it’s enticing to see her humble and laughing about the moment.
* Notice how the color makes her even more enchanting in a soft, seductive way, that’s non-threatening like a fast paced red.
* He immediately appears to be grabbing her hands rather than the other way around; he is ultra savvy to play it cool by backing off when she says that shs’s nervous and then he pulls her close, even though she’s joking; all in all, phenomenal early chemistry as both of them appear relaxed, playful, and spontaneous.
* He shows way too much of his hand by going out of his way to remember her name; it actually backfires in two ways by showing too much interest before getting to know her and by showing that he’s not a fully present man which is a sign of weakness in most females’ eyes.


Second Impressions on camera…



* Seems really easy going and pleasant yet they don’t get past the silliness of the introduction which keeps her in the second flight for his heart.  Until she can get him into deeper talks where he feels safe enough to share, he won’t take her seriously.


* Cuts right to the chase and gets deep quickly to show her serious side and compassionate sides for his journey.  Brilliant move.


* Comes across a little bossy lecturing him on how to be “sure” not nervous when she leans into him.  By stripping him of his masculinity early on, he will have to work hard to get it back and likely be stern or slightly rude to reclaim it.
* Her wackiness is going to keep her as an odd ball unless she balances it out with some serious deeper chats about work, parenting, or love.


Amy J
* Apparently she got a bit too close for his comfort in the massage.  Why get that close without creating any emotional chemistry?  Surely this is the reason she went home.


* Talking about being the missing piece in a puzzle of love is cheesy and it keep the connection almost 3rd person.


* Challenges him quite a bit and discloses her career locking up bad guys; notice how he crosses his arms after she tells this to him.
* She might be too abrasive for him based on her overly challenging ways.


* Shares her worldly experience and exposes her truth about not speaking Spanish; being kind and mature is clearly important to him since he gives her the first impression rose.
* Her unassuming ways are charming yet she plays the part of a lucky duckling and at some point she’ll have to make him feel that she’s a catch


* Leading with your previous relationship troubles and insecurities forces him to eliminate her; she’s not ready for connecting since they haven’t spoken about anything deep on camera.


* Continues to worship him in her short brief time chatting.


* Appears to be totally at ease and spontaneous in the moment when discussing how many kids she seeks to add to the world. huge style points.


* Great to be vulnerable about losing her mother and still holding a smile to show strength despite the tragedy.
* He looks away from her when telling her she’s in the right place looking for her prince; men who look away are hiding the truth often times for fear of feeling others’ potential pain.