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Approaching Women Course 2 – How to Approach

Lesson One: Introduction


This is an interesting course and a lot of fun; this is where we tell you about techniques, styles, and the ins and outs of approaching women in various circumstances.  But before we go into a list of what to say, there is something very important for you to understand….

There is a BETTER WAY!


We teach this information so that you have something tangible to use immediately to meet women, but our preferred method of meeting and enjoying the company of beautiful women with similar interests is to create an environment where you’re surrounded by them.


We call this tool your Social Market.  There are several courses on how to use this tool and it is like creating a personal dating service designed and packaged just for you!  The only catch is that it does take some work to put it together.  It does take time, practice and patience, but once you have this machine running it is truly a fun and seemingly magical life changer!


Understand that we will teach you what you need to know to be successful at approaching women on the street or wherever you want to meet them and we will teach you in other courses how to be extremely successful in Online Dating and how to eliminate your Approach Anxiety.  But in the end we are hoping you make your life ultimately more fun, relaxed, and easier by having women with similar interests endorse you to their friends.  Have those women that are introduced to you meet you in environments where you are confident, surrounded by people (not just your buddies) who like and support you and where in some cases you are the leader of the pack!  How do you think they are going to react to you in that scenario?


The reason we tell you this in this course and after we have already worked you over in your mindset change is that we understand guys; except for Jessica of course, we are all guys!  We know that this is one of the first courses you are going to learn from.  Please continue on this journey because the tools and techniques you will learn in this lesson can be applied even to your Social Market, but after you create your Social Market you are going to approach random women with a whole new perspective and what we have seen in the past is when you are in that state of mind and position, your success rate in approaching women skyrockets because you are not tied to the outcome of any random encounter ever again!  Take a look at the Social Market course, it will change your social life and maybe even influence other areas of your life if you want it to!


Okay, we are going to cover a lot of ground.  It is our opinion that there really is no magic bullet.  I have tried and tested just about every “guru’s” techniques on the market today and over the past ten years.  I have tried hypnosis, NLP (what is this?  Write it out because not everyone will necessarily know what it is), insulting women, complimenting women, being the nice guy, jerk, friend, asking questions, using specific lines and patterns, gimmicks, plus numerous other methods and tricks.  Some of them worked in certain situations and not in others, some of them got me slapped, insulted, and called every name in the book, but the bottom line is that NONE of them worked in every situation every time.


I want to be perfectly clear that there is no one line or system that will work with every woman in every situation.  If such a line existed, don’t you think that women would learn it and not be affected by it any longer?  Of course, it is silly to think otherwise.  We also offer another course on creating your own openers so be certain to study that course as well to support you even further!


I have had relationships with numerous women, some for just a night, some for several years, some women I owe sincere apologies to and others I feel owe me an apology; but to all of those women I have been with I owe a great deal of gratitude because they have taught me so much and I am passing that on to you.  I don’t tell you this to brag or impress you, I am telling you this because it is important that you understand that I really have tried out and tested what I teach.


We, as The First 10 Minutes, have interviewed women from all over and asked them the questions you want answered.  We will show you some of those clips throughout the website, but again the point is to simply validate for you that what we teach is going to work for you.


The reason we put so much emphasis on the Social Market is because throughout my experience and working with our clients, that is the method that created the most success with the least amount of stress for both myself and my one-on-one coaching clients.  An additional piece of information as it applies to me: the women that I met through what we call the Social Market were the women that I ended up staying with for extended periods of time.  The women I met more randomly ended up being more of a fling most of the time.  If that is what you’re after then that is great for you, but not necessarily the primary focus of what we teach.  Understand that we want you to date and be as successful as you want to be with as many women as you want to be with; and the truth is you can have amazing success.  The woman’s profile and the reminders tied to the calendar will help you to keep all of them straight and have you looking like a superstar.  We even built a specific course to help you to date multiple women, but ultimately we are hoping that you date several women, even if you are dating them all at once, so that you can find the one you want to be with for a very long time.


So let’s move on to the first lesson on approaching women.  This lesson is going to help you particularly if you get nervous approaching women even though you’ve completed the last course and probably have a different perception of women.  If you are just starting out, this is for you.


The very first thing you need to understand, which we talked about it in the last course, is that you must ALWAYS maintain your ability and willingness to walk away from ANY woman!  You are going to hear this throughout the remaining lessons and we want you to take it seriously, because this is one of the mindset tools that help to create a relaxed and playful presence; more on that later.


Guys talk to us about getting tongue tied and unsure of what to do next when they approach a woman, so we devised a system to help you to stay focused on something other than the girl.  One of our primary techniques to supporting men in the approach is to keep his focus on the process and not the outcome. So we broke down the process into a goal setting system.


Now that you have watched the video, I want you to understand we are not trying to make this complicated.  We have seen plenty of “systems” out there that either make it so simplistic it only works in certain situations or so complicated it would take two guys and a computer to figure out what they are really trying to say.  We break the approach down into a step by step, goal oriented process.  And the reason that this process is important is to keep you feeling successful with women.  Think about your past experiences: if you approached a woman and got rejected, you felt like you’d failed; if you didn’t get her number, you felt like you’d failed; on and on.  This allows you to be successful more times than not. ß I don’t understand this final sentence.  Does this truly follow and conclude your point?  I didn’t see the video for this section so perhaps that’s why I don’t understand.


Something very important for you to understand as you are learning more about the different approach styles and tools is that what works on a 23 year old barfly and what works on a 35 year old successful business woman is NOT the same.  There may be similarities and there are always exceptions, but you must learn to use your head when approaching women and of course keep in mind that the entire purpose of the approach is not to have her fall in love with you on the spot, it is simply to start a conversation and start the process of creating fun and entertainment for the BOTH of you.  Nothing more.


On to the next lesson.