About Action Taken Inc.

Our Mission

To help professional men & women start meaningful relationships designed with love & transparency, at an affordable price.


Our team feels that finding love doesn’t have to be done on your own. We started’s matchmaking service to offer a filtered dating experience that includes all types of professionals, and at a more affordable price. We’ve studied relationship and compatibility dynamics for over 10 years and it’s our mission to help you find love through a fun, easy, series of dates. Today’s less pleasant typical dating experience of sitting and waiting in front of your computer for a response is why we believe it’s worth it for you to invest in a team of professionals to handle your dating life for you! We deliver hand picked dates to you on your terms. Now that we’ve been in business for over 5 years guiding others throughout their dating journeys, we can say we do a better job simply because we pay closer attention to your needs.

Now deep down we also have a hidden agenda to encourage professional men and women to be more aware and transparent in relationships because we believe honesty and mindfulness are the cornerstones of sustainable love.  We believe that one of today’s greatest challenges is to find the balance between work and love in a digitally evolving world…to keep relationships lasting, while still finding quality time for ourselves. We all make a choice to seek out love, whether conscious or unconscious, and we make a choice on how forthcoming to be, with what we “need” vs. what is “nice to have,” when meeting new potential lovers. Once you are clear on your truth (and we hope to help you clarify it), then can you strive to form agreements that makes sense in the 21st century for creating a connection highlighting the greatest possibility for depth in love. Just as equally important as clarity is creating a relationship map or model to accept each others’ unique paths, so you can remain flexible, especially during a time when people drift further into seclusion behind social media interactions…and as many explore relationships counter to the those of a traditional nature, see Tinder. To each their own, one thing about us is we don’t judge! But it’s abundantly clear, times have changed in today’s dating landscape. Certainly more and more women are taking the lead, while more and more men are living less macho- one paradigm no longer fits all anymore, which can be a blessing for most of us! Roles are more flexible than ever before, leaving you the choice to play your part, again and again!

Furthermore, as many choose to walk single, or prioritize their own needs over “sticking it out”, we choose to dedicate our efforts to raise awareness for *possibilities* in relationships.  That’s it!  Nobody knows best but you.  BUT without exposure to a variety of practices, you might be allowing your blind spots to prevent you from seeing the entire view.

In order to overcome “what you don’t know, you don’t know” effectively, we offer a more scientific way of looking at dating to help men & women start relationships safely & strategically.  It’s based on self awareness and much more. The methodology is based on identifying and maximizing the “sweet spots” upon a first encounter, predominantly in the first 10 minutes…hence the name!  If you can use your first 10 minutes wisely with this strategy, you won’t miss out on an awesome lover because you’ve exercised your truth and demonstrated your awareness. We developed this methodology analyzing patterns plus receiving input from hundreds of interviews with women and professionals, to help others start relationships, safely & strategically!

Far too many great men and women enter relationships based on physical connections alone, denying their deepest callings and creations with partners.  We use our expertise to evaluate & coach professional men and women carefully on dating best practices inside our matchmaking service, to enhance their awareness of their power within their conscious mind.  

I hope you take a first step with us, like many who already have, and get your love life off auto-pilot & into your control.

In deepest gratitude,
Christian Hellmers & team


The First 10 Minutes Team of Coaches
(aka Social Architects)

Our team of Social Architects© comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, industries, and life experiences including corporate and internet business development, therapy and counseling, the healing arts, professional performance and theater.


Christian Hellmers

After spending the bulk of his career building and maintaining professional business relationships, Christian decided to start a company focusing on relationship and matchmaking after the recent passing of his entrepreneurial father and his mother became a widow.  Following more than a decade of traveling internationally representing, DivX Networks, and Betfair Limited as a Director of Business Development, Christian turned his focus into studying social dynamics and the holistic arts.  While pursuing his Holistic Health Practitioner Certification at the Natural Healing Institute and practicing Quantum Reflex Analysis, Christian soon discovered that the only way to truly help people in dating is to raise awareness of emotional blockages within the self and identify unhealthy patterns from previous relationships. He also developed a scientific dating technology based on time intervals & self awareness.

Jessica Plancich

Inspired by the tenacity of the human spirit, Jessica began her journey as a helper and healer early in life. As a licensed marriage family therapist with a background in clinical psychology, she studied the pathologies, diseases and disorders of the mind and discovered the limitations of the sole treatment of the psyche. Through witnessing the hardship that many of her loved ones (both human and animal) endured, she was exposed to energetic healing and alternative therapies that integrated a holistic approach to wellness.  In her quest for further understanding of these principles, she studied Reiki, circulatory massage, nutrition and most recently, yoga teacher training in Coonoor, India and began to use them in her own wellness regimen. Passionate about delivering this wisdom to others, she runs a private practice to coach, support and educate others about holistic wellness. She uses a combination of movement, breath work, somatic insight, meditation and talk therapy for a complete and integrated approach to healing. These practices create the space for participants to express their essential self and the joy that is experienced in living in the high heart.


Katie Mills

Inspired by the resiliency of the human condition and the power of the mind, Katie began her studies by pursuing her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She was born and raised in a small town in south central Alaska and really found her passion for helping people while working with Alaska native youth in residential treatment. During this time she traveled to rural bush villages and expanded her multicultural awareness and love for travel and new experiences. Her next chapter brought her to the central coast of California where she received her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from California Polytechnic State University. During her graduate work she saw a variety of individuals, couples, and families in a therapeutic setting and truly realized what a gift it is to be let into someone’s inner world and help them on their path to wellness.


Eve Escandon

A gifted heartfelt feminine spirit, Eve left nearly a decade in the corporate world behind to turn her theatrical passions into her living, founding “SoulVoice”, a performance troupe that draws attention to the power of feminine beings and experiences. The mission of “SoulVoice” is to inspire both men and women to be fully aware of the diversity within femininity, and the group has already performed in front of thousands of entertained and enlightened crowds. Eve is also a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner.


Leilainia Penix

Leilainia is an experienced and revered belly dance and yoga instructor. She has been teaching in San Diego for seven years, and performing since the age of 3. In March 2010 she, along with Acacia, released a belly dance instructional DVD, “Step by Step Belly Dance”, that is sold nationally in Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and Amazon.  Leilainia believes our bodies are instruments that can be tuned: a human instrument that can be tuned like a musical instrument. Through movement we harmonize, vibrating on a high level of acceptance and creativity, turning ourselves to the highest, most beautiful self that we can be at this moment. We can all be tuned to experience the greater self.  Fitness and food are not just something we have to do, they are also an essential discussion we make daily that can change not only our inner and physical self, but also our relationships with others, our community and the planet as a whole. Leilainia takes a holistic and realistic approach to health. She believes that energy and overall well-being have so much to do with what you eat, how you think and how you experience life. Thoughts can be dramatically shifted by simple posture alignments and movements. Leilainia understands it’s not realistic to change your entire diet and fitness schedule in one week or one month.  She can help you take small steps to an even more amazing you. These steps will be easy to incorporate into your already busy life. They will help you feel more connected to your self and to others.


Chris Luth

Chris has been an educator in the field of human “Relational Energetics” for over two decades. He is also a Relationship and Intimacy Coach, founder of the “Conscious Connection Institute” (, a Tantra & Sensuality educator and a world renowned Tai Chi Master based out of San Diego, California.Chris is a member of the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame, a two time U.S. National Tai Chi Champion and founder of the “Pacific School of Tai Chi & Chii Gong” and “Tai Chi In Paradise” which conducts retreats in Hawaii….Costa Rica….Fiji….Bali….and other exotic locations. ( Being trained as a high performance athlete from early childhood… 17 he began studying meditation & Tantra and simultaneously became a disciple of Tai Chi Grandmaster Liu Chen Huan. Chris has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gong, Sword Sparring & Relational Energetics throughout North America, Europe & Australia for over 20 years.  Chris is continually studying & learning….and when not teaching Tai Chi & Chi Gong, Tantra, Sensuality or Relational Energetics….he spends his time dancing, surfing and snowboarding around the world.


Trish Murphy

Originally from Long Island, NY, Trish attended Hofstra University, where she received her B.A. in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Political Science, Psychology and Fine Arts.  At Hofstra, Trish discovered yoga and meditation and began practicing regularly. Through her spiritual practice, Trish found a new sense of self love and awareness, which inspired her to start a yoga/meditation and group talk therapy group on her campus.  From there, Trish went to India and got her 500-hour YTT certification as well as an Ayurvedic Therapist certification, Reflexology certification and Acupressure certification.  After India, Trish moved to the beautiful island of Kauai to learn the art of organic farming, and then relocated to Phoenix, where she studied Hypnotherapy and was certified as a Hypnotherapist.  Since then she has travelled all over the U.S. and now resides in San Diego, where she currently practices Shamanism.  She is always creating art and writing throughout her journey. Trish’s mission is to always be bettering herself in all aspects of life – to influence others in a positive way through her example, to create a safe and open space for people to express themselves and feel loved and affirmed, to connect with others on deep healing levels, to always be honest and express herself confidently, and to always spread Joy.


Alan Blanchard

Alan was born in Los Angeles, California and spent most of his youth in the Bay Area. At the age of 19, Alan enlisted in the Navy and served in the first Gulf War. After his Honorable Discharge, he moved to Guam, where he taught scuba diving and other recreational sports to travelers from all over the world. Living in paradise truly opened Alan’s heart to the reality of true love and wisdom.  In 1997, Alan bought his first set of turntables and began DJ’ing part time. He spent his first four years in Southern California DJ’ing and opening for some of the industry’s top DJ’s like Armin Van Burren, Sasha, Carl Cox, James Zabilea, Deep Dish, and more.  Alan B’s sound can best be described as intelligent electronic dance music that incorporates all genres, adapts to any crowd and holds no limitations.


and many more…