It doesn’t matter who you vote for but the truth is that voting can add depth to your dating life.  Here are 8 reasons why voting can be good for your next date:

  1. It gives you something else to talk about than Kanye and Kim’s lavishly boring relationship.
  2. Waiting 3 hours to vote will let you get to know that cute guy that stood behind you in line.
  3. It shows that you have an opinion.
  4. Patriotism is sexy.
  5. Defining your political beliefs will allow you to quickly filter out all your possible dates.
  6. You may pick up a few pointers on dressing conservative sheik and impress your next date with your style.
  7. You’ll hit the gym when you realize Michelle Obama has arms more chiseled than yours.
  8. If your candidate loses you can let your date console you with hugs and kisses.